Monday, September 1st, 2014

Because it’s Clemson week, I have LOTS OF YOUTUBE ENTERTAINMENT for you guys. Clemson Tiger fans are always kind enough to provide fresh material for me. Our classic dancing guy: Dancing Dan More men dancing together And finally, this girl is a winner

It’s refreshing to be able to post some new material of an opponent: This guy is your typical hammered college student… you know in Green and Gold with boxers on and nothing else. Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner! The USF Super Fan… he’s ARAFRARARRARRRRRRRAAAAARRRR!!!!! And finally, Let’s hope this guy doesn’t show up at Doak… I […]

First up, the YouTube Clip of The Week for BYU. Frankly, there’s not a lot of material out there for BYU in which they are stupid, drunk or moronic, so I had to go with two guys saying Dude way too much. Crazed BYU fans!!!! Twitter Fun: I finally figured out this Twitter thing, regarding […]

Miami fans make me laugh. No, I don’t laugh with them, I laugh AT THEM. Although, I have to admit I love the beginning of a football season, where everyone is undefeated and has pie-in-the sky dreams. Do I think Miami can beat FSU? Sure, it can happen. Do I think it will go down […]

Call DCF! Someone is abusing this young Miami Jabroni to get him to do this. Nobody in their right mind would actually videotape that would they?

First off, there have been a ton of great articles out there over the last couple of days. Let’s link them up and I’ll provide some of my thoughts on the topics. ACC Sports Journal leads things off with Four Questions For The Fall. Let me focus in on question number three regarding the special […]

Yeah this Clip Of The Week is a bit old, but it brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

but did you know that Coach Colzie loves to be an umpire too? The Times-Georgian catches up with FSU’s Coach Colzie, and talks about his other passion for being an official. Okay enough of the serious stuff for today… I thought I would kick off our regularly scheduled Thursday post with this guy… your typical […]