Monday, September 1st, 2014

Simple enough… are you going to check out FSU Baseball and / or FSU Softball in 2010? If so, why? If not, why not? Both teams look like they’ll be having successful years, so if you’re not going, I suggest you check it out. Softball is FREE, and Baseball is super inexpensive. Vote to the […]

The Weekly Scalpoll After watching the Texas / Texas Tech game on TV in Austin, I was inspired to ask the readers and tweeters about artificial turf at Doak Campbell Stadium.  The votes are in, and it’s a resounding No (69%). I’m left to wonder why so many people are so passionately against FieldTurf for […]

Weekly Scalpoll Only 32 of 120 voters gave FSU a 70% or better chance to win the game against BYU. I guess those readers should get a big pat on the back now for looking like geniuses? As the week went on, I thought we had a better chance to win the game. I […]

Weekly Scalpoll A majority of fans voted that the defensive problems at FSU cannot be overcome. I’m a realist, so I’ll interject a thought. The Noles can’t get much worse after nearly blowing the game to Jacksonville State on Saturday, so with that reasoning the defense will improve some because they have nowhere to go […]

The short week is throwing my posting schedule completely off, so let’s get to it! There’s lots to cover. First off, my Blogpoll Ballot is final for the week. I didn’t get any objections, so I’m leaving it as-is. Post FSU vs. Miami Thoughts in bullet-time format: Great job getting there early students! That […]

Weekly Scalpoll: The brightest readers in the land (that’s you fans) picked Jermaine Thomas to lead the way in last week’s Scalpoll. There’s nothing surprising about that. What I find interesting though, is that Chris Thompson is going to be a #2 back for FSU this year, but he was dead last in the […]

The Weekly Scalpoll Looking back at last week, an overwhelming majority of voters voted for Miami to be the game the Noles are most likely to lose, behind Florida. After looking through the vote logs thought, the majority of those voters came from Miami. Surprise, surprise, Canes are stuffing the ballot box. Georgia Tech was […]

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time to visit the rest of ACC Country and also visit the Weekly Scalpoll. Weekly Scalpoll Reviewing last week’s Scalpoll, only 27% of voters thought that Mickey Andrews deserved to be the head-coach-in-waiting over Jimbo Fisher.  Would it have been the right thing to do? In my opinion, probably. […]

Weekly Scalpoll First, let’s take a look at the results from last week. As of this writing, 44% of readers decided that the Running Backs will be the highlight of the 2009 Seminole Offense. To me, that’s a trick question.  If they are the highlight, then the REAL highlight will be the Offensive Line of […]

Weekly Scalpoll First, check out this week’s Scalpoll (now to the right). Which position do you think will be the highlight of the Seminole offense? If anybody picks the Wide Receivers I’m going to slap them upside the head. However, I think a case can be made for the Offensive Line and Running Backs. Perhaps […]