Monday, September 1st, 2014

Holy crap… the latest post over there is amusing to say the least. I encourage FSU fans to not renew their season tickets or make any booster contributions until these things happen: First of all, this isn’t going to prove anything, because it’s not going to happen. The only part of me that likes the […]

We’re going to be in a ton of shoot-outs next year.  Bobby’s record against UF now sits at 17-17-1, 2-6 since he forced the Jeff decision down the throats of reasonable objectors. Him and Mickey deserve to have 80 dropped on them in the Swamp to end their careers as a fitting finish to their […]

I should be talking about the Clemson game tomorrow, and giving a ridiculously quick prediction. I’ll do that a little later, thanks to Tomahawk Nation’s rant Shut Up Drew Weatherford. Read it for yourself and then come back here to read the following rant. Dear Tomahawk Nation, Are you really fans of FSU football? I’m […]