Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

I’m not writing full articles lately, as you can see. So here is some of the stuff that’s been running through my head. FSU to the SEC talk is boring. Super-conference talk is boring. Hasn’t anyone learned that monopolies are generally a bad thing? If anything we should be working towards getting rid of conferences […]

In the latest edition of the Jimbotron Fan Confidence Meter I’ve adjusted the look a tiny bit. Basically, I slid the results over to indicate which month the graph is posted, instead of the trailing month’s data. It’s the same data, but now the graph shows Jimbo’s head on May instead of April. The meter […]

I rarely use eBay for anything other than entertainment purposes. It’s a wealth of stupid stuff. Here are a few of the items I found recently for our beloved Seminoles. Item #1: The “Michigan Seminoles” hat. Like @JonLoesche said on Twitter, “I guess we still own that state from our last trip to Ann Arbor?” […]

Practice is just around the corner, and the first game is Labor Day evening, 8pm against the Canes. That ought to be a high scoring affair if history is any indication (ha!). It’s time for my gut reaction preseason predictions, and I’ll go game by game, but before I do, let me put out there […]

Excuse the non-FSU news, but I felt as though I had to point out a huge death over the weekend. As Chili once told me, “Billy Mays is an American Treasure and anyone that thinks differently WILL SHUT THEIR MOUTHS.” I couldn’t agree more. Billy Mays got me to try Oxy Clean, and he got […]

What would it be? In honor of my favorite childhood toy / most exciting upcoming movie, what kind of Seminole themed Autobot or Decepticon can you come up with? My lackluster effort is a username for one of my favorite sites to peruse, TFW2005, NoleScream, which I represent with an original Starscream, but featuring a […]

I have a bad feeling about the Marist game for some reason. As much as I hate holding back a #1 pitcher, starting Busch is probably the right move for Friday. I hate Ohio State. I don’t like Georgia much either. I’d say the weather is supposed to be nice, but that means it’s going […]

First, some upfront facts about me here at I have never applied for a press credential at FSU. I wouldn’t want one, because I like to be a fan and watch the game. I’m not here to be the news or the press release, not that there is anything wrong with that. So aside […]

FSU Softball Heads To N.C. State for a weekend ACC series. FSU Baseball Heads To N.C. State for a weekend ACC series. ***Update*** I forgot about Stadium Chair Gate – Now you can bring one with a back, but it must CONFORM! Yeah that’s all I got today… so here’s a picture of Jaime King, […]

Padma, Padma… how we love you. Perhaps YOU can turn the football team around? Perhaps we should just show this video to players on a loop after 10pm, so they won’t want to leave the house and subsequently get in trouble: Now back to your regularly scheduled