Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Regarding the actual game, I couldn’t help but feel out of sorts after FSU’s solid victory over the BYU Cougars. Sure, there were some great plays and definite highlights. But the theme of the day for me, sitting in the stands without any analysis, was inconsistency. It didn’t seem like everything totally clicked. The second […]

The title is misleading, I realize. Normally, what would follow is a bunch of YouTube videos about stupid fans of our opponent this week, Samford. However, I’ve come up with nothing. Ab-so-freakin-lutely nothing. Evidently these Samford kids are a stand up bunch and/or are bright enough to not put every stupidity out there on the […]

Practice is just around the corner, and the first game is Labor Day evening, 8pm against the Canes. That ought to be a high scoring affair if history is any indication (ha!). It’s time for my gut reaction preseason predictions, and I’ll go game by game, but before I do, let me put out there […]

Yeah Mergz and Gomez… just try to top this Stupid Gator Trick with something from FSU. And then there’s this guy… who says to be a Gator, you just gotta live in Gainesville… are you guys trying to be like Da “U” now? And just remember… the smarts ones ALWAYS pick FSU.

God, I love YouTube. Enjoy the Bonus Clip Of The Week.

I’m sick of hearing about how great the Southeastern Conference is at football, or if you listen to SEC fans, how great the conference is in general. It akin to how I was sick of hearing how everything was going fine during the early years of the Jeff Bowden era, and how Bobby would fix […]