Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Hi everyone, I wanted to alert you to a new link at the top of the blog in the menu “Tumblr.” What’s Tumblr? It’s somewhere in between the full on ScalpEm.com and my Twitter account. I plan to use Tumblr for a few things here at ScalpEm.com: Random photo posts – From time to time […]

Hi everyone, I thought I share some news regarding ScalpEm.com and my thought process about the site lately: For quite a while I’ve thought about closing up shop here for various reasons. The last year of my life vastly changed my outlook about what is important to me and what isn’t important. With that said, […]

Melancholy noun 1. a gloomy state of mind, esp. when habitual or prolonged; depression. 2. sober thoughtfulness; pensiveness. 3. Archaic. a. the condition of having too much black bile, considered in ancient and medieval medicine to cause gloominess and depression. b. black bile. As quickly as I was pumped up to write today by Matthew […]

Welcome to the newest design of ScalpEm.com! Changes To Check Out: Check out the menu / navigation bar at the top, there are lots of goodies up there. Authors for ScalpEm.com have their own page, with a short Bio and listing of all articles they’ve contributed to the site. Commenting Guidelines are listed under the […]

Before I rank the other FSU blogs out there later this week or at the beginning of next week (comment, email or Tweet your nominations to me in case I miss some), I thought it would be a good time to address the state of ScalpEm.com, look back at 2009 a bit and look forward […]

Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know that as another improvement to ScalpEm.com I’ve implemented threaded commenting. What’s that? You’ve probably seen it elsewhere already on other blogs or message boards, but if you haven’t, it’s just a way to clarify the comments by allowing you to “reply” directly to a comment. Basically, it […]

RAH RAH RAH! BAM! Version 5 of ScalpEm.com just HIT YOU IN THE FACE DIDN’T IT? Based on user input, and some of my own user interface research, I present to you, FSU and ScalpEm.com fans, the new layout of ScalpEm.com. It’s should be more clear, more pertinent and more user friendly. As you can […]

It’s summer, and things are dead until football ramps up in August. Thankfully we’re almost there! Here are some FSU Football updates: Bert Reed is likely entering a diversion program that will allow his charges to be dropped. In case you don’t ever check Seminoles.com, they have some photos and video from the latest summer […]

Hi everyone! I need your help! As you know, I do my best to give you guys what you want, and I have some really great stuff I’m working on in my Area 51 test site for ScalpEm.com. So, before I invest more time into some of the things I’m playing with, I need you […]

Let me preface this post with a disclaimer: This is about me and what I do with ScalpEm.com. This is not a judgement of you, your website, your choices or whatever you like to do. I do take issue with sites that claim their info is for entertainment purposes only. Websites cannot control what a […]