Saturday, August 30th, 2014

I’ll keep this post brief, since I fully admit that I don’t follow recruiting or National Signing Day at anything more than a 50,000 ft level. With that said, I had a conversation with a buddy last night and he said exactly what I feel. “I don’t follow it much, but a #1 class means […]

I went back to the pulse of the internet last night tried my best to gauge the mood of Seminole fans yesterday during the peaks and valleys of National Signing Day. Above is my chart, which evidently indicates that while things appeared to be stable most of the day, the whims of young men can […]

How to use on National Signing Day Check Tomahawk Nation (best recruiting coverage) and (official site). If it’s too “loud” at TN for you, come back here and comment with our writers. Seriously, I’ll update as the day progresses and I’m sure there will be some chatter in here for the writers, […]