Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of all the crap going on with the FSU Football program. Thankfully, Myron Rolle swooped in to save the day with yet another feel good story. Myron, if you remember, is a classy Rhodes Scholar that played saftey for the Noles for the last three seasons. Now […]

Thanks to Heather Dinich of ESPN for letting us know.

Guest post by Jordi Scrubbings of The Serious Tip In the week since Seminole safety Myron Rolle became a Rhodes Scholar, numerous articles have been written about his accomplishment. Through the many voices of both the blogosphere and the mainstream media, it is apparent Rolle’s achievement has transcended FSU and the sporting world and has […]

Terps by 3. Bonus Quick Prediction: Myron Rolle will be a Rhodes Scholar. Oh and FSUPD is saying they’ll arrest 3 people according to WCTV.tv. How that will hold up I have no idea, unless they have more than eye-witness accounts.  Frankly, if they were smart, they would have arrested everyone when the officers arrived, […]