Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Many moons ago, in the days of yore, ancient cavemen made their mark on the walls of caves. They carved what they did, what they thought, and what was happening to them over however long they were in the cave. Some cavemen marked for years, some for months, and yet others maybe only left one marking. And while […]

Wow. What a weekend. It’s great to be a Seminole again. Here are a few thoughts I have after this rivalry weekend: On the Gridiron: This wasn’t just a win, it was a reawakening. A reawakening of pride, not only in the football team, but in the university. For too long we had to stifle […]

It’s been a while since I wrote here. But I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts, opinions, and ponderings from my recent weekend excursion to Tallahassee. The Good: Needless to say, I picked a great game to attend. Although I try to get to Doak every year, thanks to Dustin Hopkins, I finally […]

On the morning of the first big weekend in college football, I figured I would make my triumphant return to ScalpEm with an idea that has been marinating in my head for the last few months. This probably should have been written sooner, but I had to make sure my research was correct. Before the […]

To quote Elmer Fudd, it’s “vewwy, vewwy quiet” around here. But that’s no fault of the Great NoleCC or anyone else; it’s tough to write when there isn’t much going on. Sure, there is FSU Baseball and Softball, but for the casual fan those don’t get hot until College World Series time. So what is […]

With the school year rapidly coming to close, and the only Seminole sports news coming from practice*, I figured I would pass on a few Nole-related links that came across my path this week and go global, scouring the web for news on former Noles. (* If they can practice, they can practice. It is […]

Most regular readers know I’m tough on the Seminole Booster program. I’ve “put them on blast” time and time again. I’ve suggested they be replaced by a stock program, I’ve begged for their transparency, and I’ve compared them to a well-funded, influential political lobby group.  You can say I am not a fan. Yet, I […]

I know this is a little late – my most humble apologies – but Wednesday night I made my debut over at BusLeaguesBaseball, writing about the friendly (soccer term!) between the Seminoles and the Philadelphia Phillies. Sure, you might already know the score, but find out all that no one else bothered to tell you. […]

I know NoleCC already talked about the NCAA’s decision, and his 6 points were excellent, but I have one thought of my own. According to Andrew Carter, the NCAA striped the FSU Men’s Basketball Team of the following: 22 victories from the 2006-07 season 19 Regular Season wins 1 ACC Tournament win 2 NIT Post […]

As you are probably well aware, “National Signing Day” is this Wednesday. That is the day colleges nationwide find out which current high school football players will join their program in the fall. Everyone has their opinions on National Signing Day. Many don’t like it. Others think it is a great day to celebrate the […]