Monday, September 1st, 2014

Chick Fil A Bowl Thoughts Better late than never, right? I can sum up the game in one single thought: I think the outcome is very different if Greg Reid doesn’t knock Marcus Lattimore out of the the game. That one hit killed a South Carolina team that I thought looked very strong coming out […]

As usual, I’m brief with my predictions. This one is slightly longer than my usual, because I’ve watched a good amount of Canes football this season. Saturday is going to be interesting. Here are the main thoughts bubbling around in my head as we approach Saturday night’s big game. Miami Hurricanes I’m not a fan […]

This post isn’t about Nigel Carr. The story, however, made me think about other similar situations that I encountered throughout my life. I don’t mean the stuff I’ve read about at FSU either. There’s a long list of players that had troubles and were either forgiven quickly or kicked of the team for multiple offenses. […]

There was a lot of discussion in the Twitter world over the last couple of days about Jimbo Fisher’s Noles and what they might be wearing for the 2010 football season. Some of the rumors appear to be confirmed, like the white helmet with white pants and white jersey for the game at Oklahoma. Is […]

Jimbo Fisher made some interesting comments the other day about how he’d like to move the Florida State vs. Florida game to the beginning of the season, and maybe to Atlanta. That way, both teams have the entire season to recover from a loss to a major non-conference opponent. As fan, I’m appalled. I’m so […]

If there’s one thing that I know about FSU Football heading into the 2010, it’s that they have a leader in Jimbo Fisher. Sure, that seems pretty obvious considering he’s the head coach, but just because someone is in charge doesn’t mean that person is a good leader. I also have absolutely no personal knowledge […]

It’s back baby! I’m ON THE WARPATH again (finally) and there are a lot of little things to talk about. (And don’t forget this is all in good fun). Non-related FSU Stuff This is positively the worst time of year for sports programming on TV. My options are College Basketball, Pro Basketball, Women’s Basketball (Both […]

Let me preface this article with the fact that I am a huge Jimbo Fisher fan. I enjoy watching the man’s press conferences and I think he connects with a lot of fans in a very different way than Bobby Bowden did. Fisher is the thinking football fan’s coach. He explains a ton of football […]

It’s time to give Jimbo Fisher the keys to FSU Football, so that he can restore the rusted out car that’s going to be given to him. That comment was left by user Fredro on Andrew Carter’s Chopping Block blog at the Orlando Sentinel. It was in response to some of Jimbo Fisher’s comments about […]