Friday, August 22nd, 2014

With Spring Football almost finished, I thought it would be time to once again come out of hibernation. There has been plenty talked about for Florida State’s 2011 campaign. The Sept 17th game vs Oklahoma has already been circled as another “Is FSU back moment”, while the tin foil hat crowd thinks the ACC is […]

Lots of people are whining about the 3 days between N.C. State and at Boston College. Same with Clemson on the road following the OU game. My feeling is that it’s really not that awful of a schedule and they have to play what’s dictated anyway. Welcome to the world of ESPN dictating a lot […]

I’ll keep this post brief, since I fully admit that I don’t follow recruiting or National Signing Day at anything more than a 50,000 ft level. With that said, I had a conversation with a buddy last night and he said exactly what I feel. “I don’t follow it much, but a #1 class means […]

I have a personality flaw and that’s being Captain Killjoy sometimes. So, on the heels of a great 2010 FSU Football season, I have a confession to make to everyone. For the first time since 1997, I won’t have some sort of season ticket for FSU Football in 2011. I’m sure that’s a shock to […]

Chick Fil A Bowl Thoughts Better late than never, right? I can sum up the game in one single thought: I think the outcome is very different if Greg Reid doesn’t knock Marcus Lattimore out of the the game. That one hit killed a South Carolina team that I thought looked very strong coming out […]

The final Gut Reaction Prediction of the 2010 season is here finally. Following the game the final Jimbotron Fan Confidence Poll will open for voting sometime on New Year’s Day. Thanks for reading my musings all season. I truly do appreciate you guys here, on Twitter and on Tumblr. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with all […]

I hold the view that every bowl game outside of the National Championship is meaningless, at least for the fans.  What do fans get out of this deal? Spend a few hundred bucks on tickets, hotels, and food just to watch their team maybe win some bowl. I keep telling people, we don’t need an […]

Hi everyone, I hope that you are having a very Merry Christmas and a nice week before we kick off 2011. I have some random small updates to share with you. on Tumblr. In case you never check that out or my Twitter account, I’m counting down to FSU Softball Opening Day with a […]

Why the ACC Championship game should be played on the campus of the team with the best conference record

Pardon my elation, but I’m still grinning from ear to ear about the win over the Gators. So, perhaps I’m a little over optimistic about the ACC Championship Game this Saturday night in Charlotte. The way I see it, everything after that 8th win this season is gravy for the Noles, Jimbo Fisher and the […]