Friday, August 29th, 2014

Children, let’s talk about a college football related pet peeve of mine: I hate talking about rivals on an FSU related website. I hate talking about the Florida Gators or the Miami Hurricanes unless the Noles are playing them. Why? Because I don’t feel like wasting my energy thinking about either of them. My fanaticism […]

Wow. What a weekend. It’s great to be a Seminole again. Here are a few thoughts I have after this rivalry weekend: On the Gridiron: This wasn’t just a win, it was a reawakening. A reawakening of pride, not only in the football team, but in the university. For too long we had to stifle […]

It’s that time again. For the last time this 2010 regular season it’s my gut reaction prediction. My only disclaimer is that I ate a bunch of food yesterday and I’m not totally sure that the gut is in any condition to make a prediction. But, Fridays don’t wait for anything and it’s time to […]

I thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane today with my readers. So after you read this, I ask you to share a memory or two in the comments section. Let me first remind everyone, that if my memory is short, it’s because when I was younger I was a […]

Gators make it too easy sometimes. This is old, but IT NEVER GETS OLD.

Jimbo Fisher made some interesting comments the other day about how he’d like to move the Florida State vs. Florida game to the beginning of the season, and maybe to Atlanta. That way, both teams have the entire season to recover from a loss to a major non-conference opponent. As fan, I’m appalled. I’m so […]

I only stuck around for the first game yesterday. I was too tired to stick around for the second and could see another blowout coming in the second game. I brought the camera along, so there should be a new photo gallery in the next day or two once I process the photos. Until then […]

I have to admit something to my fellow Noles. I’ve been bored with FSU sports lately. It seems to me that it’s been a lot of the same old story. The baseball team seems to have pitching woes. Their bats are hot and cold. People are yapping about ousting Mike Martin. The softball team is […] just reported some really awesome news! The FSU vs. UF Softball game that was originally scheduled for 6pm on April 14, is a doubleheader at 5pm and 7pm at JoAnne Graf Field.  The first game of the doubleheader will be broadcast LIVE on SunSports. On top of the year-in year-out rivalry, both the Seminoles and […]