Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

I’m not here to waste your time, so let’s get to it: Attendance I do not expect this game to be well attended. Based on remaining tickets through and the amount of tickets on the secondary market sites that are offered for face value, I believe a lot of disappointed Noles are staying home […]

Hi everyone, it’s time for the annual Q&A with Willy Mac from Here are his answers to the questions I asked and you can find my answers to his questions over at Block-C. As always it’s a pleasure working with anyone and everyone over there. (Pictured above is neither Willy Mac or Chili or […]

If you’re a Tiger it’s okay to cry, just remember that. Let your emotions out like the guy on the right.

It’s time for the first Gut Reaction Prediction in a while, so here it goes… For the Clemson Tigers: C.J. Spiller is well rested for the Tigers. Jacoby Ford is not-so-bad himself. I believe the term is “World Class Speed.” Kyle Parker can manage the game for the Tigers, but he doesn’t impress me. Then […]

Because it’s Clemson week, I have LOTS OF YOUTUBE ENTERTAINMENT for you guys. Clemson Tiger fans are always kind enough to provide fresh material for me. Our classic dancing guy: Dancing Dan More men dancing together And finally, this girl is a winner

1. I’ve watched a lot of C.J. Spiller and Jacoby Ford. Both are amazing athletes. If anything, what are their weaknesses headed into Saturday’s game against the Noles? Spiller hasn’t been as much of a running threat as he has been a danger as a receiver and returner. People have been pretty successful in keeping […]

First off, let’s talk about the ridiculous garbage that went on at Clemson about their practice “shells”. The NCAA threatened to take away some Clemson practices for a uniform violation. Then after a few minutes they decided not to make a big deal out of it, BECAUSE IT WASN’T A BIG DEAL. Maybe the NCAA […]

The Noles beat the Clemson Tigers 41-27 at Doak Campbell Stadium, on Bobby Bowden’s 79th birthday. The newest FSU Football Photo Album is available now, FSU vs. Clemson Tigers Photos! Overall, a win is a win, but Christian Ponder’s passing leaves a lot to be desired, thankfully his feet are worthy.  Jermaine Thomas is a […]

For a Tiger point of view head over to where you can read gems like this: Chili: WILLY KORN goes into the game in the 4th quarter and throws the football to Aaron Kelly, only the football is being held by CJ Spiller at the time. Oh, and CJ just got the invincibility star […]

Lots of interesting stuff out there for Seminole fans: Andrew Carter talks about how Marcus Sims is trying to move on from last Saturday’s fumble against Georgia Tech. Andrew also breaks down the contenders in the ACC Atlantic Division. Tomahawk Nation has a conversation with Dr. B of Clempson (sic) Football. ChantRant has some info […]