Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

(Guest post by Jordi Scrubbings.) Yesterday, NoleCC posted a lengthy piece on why he was opposed to people saying statements such as “Bobby Bowden is FSU” or “Bobby Bowden made FSU”. He claims Florida State University would have been Florida State University even if Robert Cleckler Bowden had never stepped foot on campus. According to […]

Let me first start off by saying this isn’t an Anti-Bobby post. I’m not against Bobby Bowden. I’m really not. My opinions are obvious over the last few years. I thought it was time for him to move on, or hire better assistants. Since the latter wasn’t happening on the defensive side of the ball, […]

(Note from NoleCC: This is a guest post submitted to ScalpEm.com by Bennett. Check him out on Twitter http://twitter.com/ben_nett where he comments on tons of stuff from FSU sports to Pop Culture.) 2010 Gator Bowl The 2010 Gator Bowl created memories for thousands of people. Including me. It has created a new memory for the most […]

From Andrew Carter’s blog at the Orlando Sentinel: I asked Bowden about the whirlwind of criticism surrounding his comments post-Clemson. “Number one, I hadn’t heard it,” Bowden said of the criticism. “But a lot of times, I’m on the sideline, been trying to recollect what happened, a lot of times I don’t have it exactly […]

As I was watching the season finale of Mad Men the other night, there was a line that Don Draper said to Bert Cooper that described the FSU Football / Bobby Bowden / What Happened To The Dynasty question. Draper, “And you old men love building golden tombs and sealing the rest of us in […]

I’m back from my EPIC FAIL at softball a few weeks ago, when a lovely softball decided to shatter and break parts of the right side of my face. Things are slowly healing up, and I’m well enough to provide some thoughts on the last few weeks. Some of these aren’t the most timely, but […]

It’s time to give Jimbo Fisher the keys to FSU Football, so that he can restore the rusted out car that’s going to be given to him. That comment was left by user Fredro on Andrew Carter’s Chopping Block blog at the Orlando Sentinel. It was in response to some of Jimbo Fisher’s comments about […]

What am I talking about? Go over to “Black Shoe Diaries” another wonderful SB Nation blog that decided today to spew some hate towards FSU Football Head Coach Bobby Bowden. Go read it and come back. I know the “in” thing to do is take the piss out of Bobby Bowden regarding the Academic Issues […]

First a few Previews for the game: Tomahawk Nation: Champs Sports Bowl Preview Chant Rant: FSU To Shake N Bake? Tallahassee Democrat: Steve Ellis’s Blog on the Beautiful City and Ugly Stadium Enjoyed those? Great. On to different thoughts. Looking back at 2008… it was a crappy year. The economy sucks, crime is up, unemployment […]

Kiss Jimbo good bye. No, he didn’t sign with Auburn overnight, however, Joe Paterno signed an extension through 2011. Last I checked Jimbo Fisher needed to become head coach at Florida State University by January of 2010. Considering Bobby Bowden was quoted on the big board (an ABC News segment at the stadium) saying that […]