Friday, August 29th, 2014

I know NoleCC already talked about the NCAA’s decision, and his 6 points were excellent, but I have one thought of my own. According to Andrew Carter, the NCAA striped the FSU Men’s Basketball Team of the following: 22 victories from the 2006-07 season 19 Regular Season wins 1 ACC Tournament win 2 NIT Post […]

This popped up in my Google News search today… it’s a good read from Andrew Carter. FSU, in the midst of an awful budget crisis, is bleeding money into the palms of the attornies from The Compliance Group. “More recently, in January, records indicate that a 15-minute phone call that a member of The Compliance […]

First go check out “It’s Not Our Problem, Florida State” over at the well-written and often hilarious Then come back here. Dear Willy, I agree with 99% of the article, which is why I don’t generally deal with speculation at ScalpEm. Hell, that’s why I don’t claim ScalpEm is some legitimate source of news, […]

Tomahawk Nation is reporting some specifics about the yet-to-be released NCAA Sanctions against FSU. Go read it, it’s very interesting and, if it proves to be true, quite a good scoop. Highlights: FSU Football could forfeit the 2007 season wins, which would end the bowl streak. From the tone of things, Track Fans might not […]

There’s a lot of news out there, if you haven’t read it, I’ll sum it up here and link to the bigger articles: Scott Carter is reporting that the fire sale in the FSU Athletic Department continues. Bob Minnix is the latest to resign from the Dave Hart camp. He joins Charlie Carr, Pam Overton, […]

I’m super swamped in real life right now… so I’ll point you guys to Andrew Carter’s Blog for more details. In short, FSU has placed itself on probation for the academic violations of the student athletes, and corrections to the system are well under way.

 By Kate Ewing When it was announced at the beginning of the football season that twenty-three Florida State athletes in nine sports were involved in an academic scandal, I thought not again. Despite the fact that only two football players were involved, I knew this was trouble. Answers to online tests for one class were […]

From the Tallahassee Democrat… FSU players not on the travel roster for the Music City Bowl. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? I’m on vacation… but I’ll check in to keep the discussion going.

23 Suspensions on the football team, 25 total will not play. Among those that WILL play, Drew Weatherford, Preston Parker, Antone Smith and Greg Carr on the offensive side of the ball. On defense,  Geno Hayes and Derek Nicholson will play.  Who won’t? At least 11 players with starting experiences and others that we’ve seen […]

From Bobby Bowden that various players will not be traveling to the Music City Bowl for “this reason and that reason, including academic reasons.” But, that was as far as they would go with it. But think about this… the common number being reported is 20, add in 20-30 redshirts on a 85 man travel […]