Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Over the years I have convinced my Dad to wholeheartedly throw his allegiance to FSU. Before I was a Seminole, he could have overlooked college sports without a care. Now he is a diehard supporter. The other day I received a very strange email from him. He sent me a forward of an email he […]

I have a personality flaw and that’s being Captain Killjoy sometimes. So, on the heels of a great 2010 FSU Football season, I have a confession to make to everyone. For the first time since 1997, I won’t have some sort of season ticket for FSU Football in 2011. I’m sure that’s a shock to […]

Why the ACC Championship game should be played on the campus of the team with the best conference record

As we all know, the Noles take on the South Carolina Gamecocks on New Year’s Eve in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Now, let me be up front. I kind of like watching the Gamecocks. It’s like watching that stupid little brother of your friend try and try and try to beat him at something. When he […]

Children, let’s talk about a college football related pet peeve of mine: I hate talking about rivals on an FSU related website. I hate talking about the Florida Gators or the Miami Hurricanes unless the Noles are playing them. Why? Because I don’t feel like wasting my energy thinking about either of them. My fanaticism […]

Hey fans! I thought I’d share this nifty Agenda for the upcoming Bowl Games. It’s based on the calendar created by Chris H. at Orange Power. I’ve changed the times to eastern and put it on Google Calendar. You can just bookmark this post if you want or view the calendar directly through these links: […]

One of my friends, Noleman13, puts together the Playoff Bracket each season for giggles.  The assumption used is that conference champions are automatic qualifiers and the BCS rankings are used for At-Large bids. What follows is Noleman13′s view of things. Take a look at it, leave some comments about what you agree or disagree […]

Sports Business Journal has their annual list of what bowl game participants will receive this season: Highlights include: For our Noles in the Chick Fil A Bowl: $250 Best Buy Gift Card Fossil Watch Russell Athletic Knit Cap Russell Athletic Travel Bag Commemorative Football Chick Fil A Gift Card My favorites: The Champs Sports Bowl […]

Hot off the presses from the Chick Fil A Bowl folks… here are some hi-resolution renderings of the College Football Hall of Fame that will reside in Atlanta, Ga. Site for New College Football Hall of Fame Selected (Click for High Resolution renderings) Exterior Enshrinement Interior ATLANTA (Dec. 3, 2010) – The specific site for […]

In the grand tradition of ripping off gags that I like from other blogs, I’m stealing The Key Play‘s bit the “Mascot Mock” this week. Really though, it’s not so much of a mock as this crazy deal that the Hokie likes to photobomb other turkeys, butterball call line employees, even Kim Jong Il. It’s […]