Friday, August 29th, 2014

On a post more than two years old, I still receive comments from time to time. A user by the name of Logan actually provided a somewhat level headed rebuttal of my hate on the SEC. I’ll remind you gently though Seminole fans, we’re talking level-headed for an SEC fan. While I appreciate the attempt, […]

As some of you know, I’m a bit of a Boise State fan. Because of that, I follow “One Bronco Nation Under God” regularly throughout the football season. Check out their site! Kevan, at OBNUG does a bit with the opponent’s roster each week, dubbed the Anagram Roster. Kevan was kind enough to allow me […]

Because it’s Clemson week, I have LOTS OF YOUTUBE ENTERTAINMENT for you guys. Clemson Tiger fans are always kind enough to provide fresh material for me. Our classic dancing guy: Dancing Dan More men dancing together And finally, this girl is a winner

The Weekly Scalpoll After watching the Texas / Texas Tech game on TV in Austin, I was inspired to ask the readers and tweeters about artificial turf at Doak Campbell Stadium.  The votes are in, and it’s a resounding No (69%). I’m left to wonder why so many people are so passionately against FieldTurf for […]

It’s refreshing to be able to post some new material of an opponent: This guy is your typical hammered college student… you know in Green and Gold with boxers on and nothing else. Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner! The USF Super Fan… he’s ARAFRARARRARRRRRRRAAAAARRRR!!!!! And finally, Let’s hope this guy doesn’t show up at Doak… I […]

Call DCF! Someone is abusing this young Miami Jabroni to get him to do this. Nobody in their right mind would actually videotape that would they?

Yeah this Clip Of The Week is a bit old, but it brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

Weekly Scalpoll First, check out this week’s Scalpoll (now to the right). Which position do you think will be the highlight of the Seminole offense? If anybody picks the Wide Receivers I’m going to slap them upside the head. However, I think a case can be made for the Offensive Line and Running Backs. Perhaps […]

but did you know that Coach Colzie loves to be an umpire too? The Times-Georgian catches up with FSU’s Coach Colzie, and talks about his other passion for being an official. Okay enough of the serious stuff for today… I thought I would kick off our regularly scheduled Thursday post with this guy… your typical […]

This came across my RSS reader today… CLEMSON — The billboards advertising Clemson football season tickets have made their annual appearance on highways leading to the campus. Generally football in this state sells itself. But this year, the school could use the promotional help. If any of the other ACC bloggers come by here, how […]