Monday, September 1st, 2014

Just in case you haven’t noticed that link up there on the Daily Chop… 1 of FSU’s National Championship crystal footballs was recovered. For further information check out The Daily Chop, or the Tallahassee Democrat’s Article.

Here’s a great Q&A with former Seminole Running Back Nick Maddox over at The Women’s Volleyball Team beat USF last night 3 games to 1. I had originally planned to be there to get photos, but couldn’t make it. I will get to a couple of them soon! The Women’s Soccer Team is ready […]

The NCAA has proven, beyond a doubt that they have no clue. They are a knee-jerk-reaction bunch, that created all of the current Native American Problems. Check out this Palm Beach Post article here. A measure against Native American nicknames FAILED 18-2 when brought to a vote at the OKLAHOMA Seminole Tribal Council. Hey NCAA… […]

By NoleCC This article is not about the NCAA’s sad attempt to rid colleges of “offensive” Native American symbols and mascots. My personal stance has always been that they would need to rid sports of ALL offensive nicknames, which would eliminate all nicknames and the teams would all wear white. Or perhaps nothing, since white […]

Courtesy of The Daily Chop NCAA Bans Use of Indian Nicknames. Two things. 1. Being part Irish, if the ‘Noles have to lose their nickname, then Notre Dame needs to lose theirs. I’m offended. There ya go NCAA… I am offended, so they have to lose it too. 2. If FSU ever does have to […]

I realize this isn’t sports related, but hey… FSU gets to brag about something other sports once in a while too. They are now the home to the world’s largest magnet!

By NoleCC The NCAA commitee investigating possible “offensive” American Indian nicknames has finished their investigation, and they have stopped short of recommending a ban on those nicknames. Perhaps they have the right intentions of ridding the teams of names like “Redmen” or “Redskins” but by being all-inclusive, they eliminate any good that can be done […]

By NoleCC The Seminole Tribe of Florida passed an historic resolution backing Florida State University’s use of the Seminole name. The Seminole Tribe officially went on record with this resolution, in order to support FSU while the NCAA reviews the use of supposed “insenstive symbols and nicknames.” You can read more at

I think most of us know that the NCAA is doing one of their “Let’s check out university symbols and mascots that we think a group of people might find offensive” things. Sadly, they never remember that FSU has the full backing of the Seminole tribe for ALL of the ways the university uses them […]