Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

The FSU Softball team beat the Maryland Terrapins 3-0 today in their opening game of the ACC Tournament. Highlights include: Sarah Hamilton spread out 7 hits over 7 innings. It’s called “spreading out” hits when you manage to pick up the shutout victory despite giving up 7 hits. ;-) Hamilton also walked 2 while striking […]

I’m not writing full articles lately, as you can see. So here is some of the stuff that’s been running through my head. FSU to the SEC talk is boring. Super-conference talk is boring. Hasn’t anyone learned that monopolies are generally a bad thing? If anything we should be working towards getting rid of conferences […]

I only stuck around for the first game yesterday. I was too tired to stick around for the second and could see another blowout coming in the second game. I brought the camera along, so there should be a new photo gallery in the next day or two once I process the photos. Until then […]

Football, Baseball, Men’s & Women’s Basketball. These four FSU sports are the only sports that currently charge admission to attend their games. Generally, the prices are reasonable. Baseball is $6 for a single game, and it’s way less than that for a season ticket package (more like $4 to have grandstand seats, even less for […]

Are you in Tallahassee or heading to town to watch the Seminoles play some softball? Have you never been to the Seminole Softball / Soccer Complex and JoAnne Graf Field? If you have, maybe you’ve missed some things? Here’s a primer for a good time while you watch the Noles play. All FSU Softball games […]

I have to admit something to my fellow Noles. I’ve been bored with FSU sports lately. It seems to me that it’s been a lot of the same old story. The baseball team seems to have pitching woes. Their bats are hot and cold. People are yapping about ousting Mike Martin. The softball team is […]

Seminoles.com just reported some really awesome news! The FSU vs. UF Softball game that was originally scheduled for 6pm on April 14, is a doubleheader at 5pm and 7pm at JoAnne Graf Field.  The first game of the doubleheader will be broadcast LIVE on SunSports. On top of the year-in year-out rivalry, both the Seminoles and […]

Since I was attacked for my grammar the last time I did some “Musings” I’ll use bullets. They’re musings. They’re not meant to be coherent necessarily. I did not attend baseball or softball this weekend. Both teams had very successful weekends. Evidently, I should go watch local independent wrestling more often if I want the […]

FSU Baseball I didn’t listen to the games. I didn’t catch any on TV. I just caught up on what happened thanks to the SectionB.com emails. As a fan, I’m pleased to see the Noles winning a couple of tough games, on the road at North Carolina (which, by the way, has one of the […]

The Seminoles only won 1 game against the North Carolina Tar Heels over the weekend to open ACC play, but I’m still bullish on the Noles. Some will say that a relatively weak schedule reared it’s ugly head over the weekend, that the Noles aren’t going to win against good teams. They’ll say that FSU […]