Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Wow. What a weekend. It’s great to be a Seminole again. Here are a few thoughts I have after this rivalry weekend: On the Gridiron: This wasn’t just a win, it was a reawakening. A reawakening of pride, not only in the football team, but in the university. For too long we had to stifle […]

As I did late last year with Toney Douglas, and the year before – again late – with Al Thorton, I’m keeping a close eye on the potential NBA draft status of soon-to-be former Seminole center Solomon Alabi. Instead of posting after the June 24th NBA draft, I figured I would put together a preview […]

To quote Elmer Fudd, it’s “vewwy, vewwy quiet” around here. But that’s no fault of the Great NoleCC or anyone else; it’s tough to write when there isn’t much going on. Sure, there is FSU Baseball and Softball, but for the casual fan those don’t get hot until College World Series time. So what is […]

With the school year rapidly coming to close, and the only Seminole sports news coming from practice*, I figured I would pass on a few Nole-related links that came across my path this week and go global, scouring the web for news on former Noles. (* If they can practice, they can practice. It is […]

Beat NoleCC at Yahoo! Sports There’s no prize. In fact, this works in reverse. If my bracket beats your bracket, you should owe ME something, since I don’t watch hoops and pretty much know nothing about the teams. So yeah, come beat down my bracket at Yahoo! Sports Group ID: 115161 Password: ilikesoftball

I’ll keep this brief and to the point. Of Florida State’s nine losses this season, Friday night’s 58-52 loss to North Carolina State is in my opinion the worse loss of the season. Why do I say that? The mistakes made tonight mirror exactly the very same mistakes this team made in the first week […]

I’ll be honest. I’ve hit that wall that I hit every year. I’ve hit the wall to the point that I don’t have very many coherent thoughts regarding anything FSU. I’ve also hit the wall with photography at the games. It’s really, really nice to just go and watch the game instead of watching it […]

After starting several times to write up something about this game the only thing I could finally come up with is that had to be the most embarrassing last 1:24 any Florida State team has ever played.  I have not seen every game obviously. But I’ve seen a good number of them over the years […]

If there was ever a time to beat a Tar Heel team in Chapel Hill that was nowhere near its championship year last season this was the time. Florida State did not waste that opportunity never trailing in the game giving Leonard Hamilton his first win at North Carolina as the Seminole head coach by […]

Leonard Hamilton could afford to be jovial after the game. In jest Hamilton called it a game of 50 referring to the 50% from the floor, 50% from the arc and particularly noting the 50% from the free throw line the ‘Noles shot for the game. Meanwhile Hamilton’s defense throttled the Virginia Cavaliers 69-50 for […]