Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I’m proud of this FSU Baseball team. Sure, I was ready to eat Tums on Sunday when it looked like the Noles might try to give away a trip to Omaha to Vanderbilt. But, in the end, they pulled it together and advanced in one of the most unlikely […]

What? – The 2010 Tallahassee Super Regional When? – Friday, June 11 (Noon), Saturday, June 12 (1pm) & Sunday, June 13 (1pm, if necessary) Who? – Our beloved, suddenly overachieving, Florida State Seminoles vs. the Vanderbilt Commodores Tips That Will Help You Survive: I thought that I’d throw together a quick primer for fans that […]

First and foremost, it’s Memorial Day. If you’re off, enjoy the day off, but take a moment to think about those that died for our country while serving it. Now, back to the Noles. Is there anything, and I mean anything, better than writing about how awful a team is and then looking like a […]

As I said before the opening game for the Noles in the ACC Tournament on Twitter today, “Is it too early to evacuate the FSU Pitching Staff ahead of the Canes?” Anybody that watched FSU Baseball this year knew what was coming. Anybody that watched the Miami series earlier in the year knew it was […]

I’m not writing full articles lately, as you can see. So here is some of the stuff that’s been running through my head. FSU to the SEC talk is boring. Super-conference talk is boring. Hasn’t anyone learned that monopolies are generally a bad thing? If anything we should be working towards getting rid of conferences […]

A few thoughts about last night’s game: I took a survey about FSU Baseball last night. Some graduate students asked for the help. Their professor obviously doesn’t speak English well, nor does he understand that I don’t have “a relationship” with the FSU Baseball Team. My happiness is not derived from them, nor do I […]

10 Tips For Visiting Dick Howser Stadium Park in the parking garage by the softball stadium. I prefer this spot because it keeps the car cool and it offers an easy exit from the area. All too often the parking lot behind Dick Howser Stadium’s fence gets backed up after a game. I also don’t […]

I have to admit something to my fellow Noles. I’ve been bored with FSU sports lately. It seems to me that it’s been a lot of the same old story. The baseball team seems to have pitching woes. Their bats are hot and cold. People are yapping about ousting Mike Martin. The softball team is […]

It’s been a while since I’ve been peeved at something in the world of sports. Maybe that’s because I ignore basketball, hockey (mostly) and the FSU Baseball season has been fairly smooth sailing so far. Thanks to Saturday night’s game at Dick Howser Stadium though, I have to get something off my chest in today’s […]

Since I was attacked for my grammar the last time I did some “Musings” I’ll use bullets. They’re musings. They’re not meant to be coherent necessarily. I did not attend baseball or softball this weekend. Both teams had very successful weekends. Evidently, I should go watch local independent wrestling more often if I want the […]