Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Although I don’t watch much basketball, I’m very happy for the Noles and Coach Hamilton. Perhaps some of the people that like to scream for his head all of the time will shut up now? Probably not, but for a program that will always be 2nd fiddle to the football team and viewed as a […]

I made it out to the Saturday blowout, but watched the Sunday game from the confines of ScalpEm.com headquarters. Tallahassee provides some of the most pleasant baseball weather you’ll find anywhere in the country, especially this time of the year. That will probably last about another 2-3 weeks and then it’ll be hazy, hot and […]

Now THAT’S ┬ámy kind of game! Scheduling has kept me away from the last few games down at Dick Howser Stadium, but last night was I was back and it was one of those nights that I love as an old-school baseball fan. I was never a fan of the 15-14 “gorillaball” scores, so a […]

Here are some random thoughts from my head regarding FSU Baseball: FSU Baseball will frustrate you at times, but overall it’s not worth complaining about teams that win so many games each season. Face it, you could be a Mets fan and really suffer. Mike Martin is frustrating at times, but not nearly as frustrating […]

Last weekend, I was a happy man. FSU Softball is back in action for 2011. This week, I’m happy too, because FSU Baseball opens their 2011 season against VMI tomorrow at 4PM down at Dick Howser Stadium. I’ve been going to baseball for years, and there’s not a better value for a ticket in town. […]

The Animals of Section B lost their Zookeeper, Drew “MadCow” Hankin at the age of 37. As I stated in a post at Warchant.com’s message boards today, although I didn’t know Drew personally, I always admired his passion for FSU Baseball and his civility in moderating the message boards at Warchant. Sunday at 1pm a […]

Here are some quick thoughts about Mike Martin, Jr. and the possibility that he could become the head coach at South Alabama: First up, congratulations to “Meat.” Even if he doesn’t get the job, the fact that he’s being interviewed is great and shows that other schools know he’s doing a good job coaching up […]

Yeah, last night’s meltdown against TCU looked bad. There are a plethora of meltdown Tweets, Facebook statuses and posts today. FSU fans will call for Mike Martin’s head on a platter. They’ll scream for Shouppe to be fired. Rightfully so. I’m not arguing that there are problems. I understand the frustration that surrounds the FSU […]

I’ve told you before, I’m a New York Mets fan. As a Mets fan I’m used to lots of disappointment. Sure there was 1986, but then there was also the implosion of the “dominant” team in 1988 to the Los Angeles Dodgers. I guess my point is that I don’t expect much from them usually, […]

(Note: This is a primer for FSU fans courtesy of Spit Blood, a TCU Horned Frogs blog. You can follow The Finch on Twitter for your TCU info. You can find my FSU primer for Horned Frogs over at Spit Blood if you’re interested in that. Thanks again to Spit Blood for filling us in […]