Friday, August 22nd, 2014

It’s just about my favorite time of year. Yes, like most of you I’d rank college football as my favorite sport, but there’s something about Opening Day that gives it the edge once per year. Being an FSU Softball and FSU Baseball fan, I get two Opening Days every year, one week after the other. […]

The Animals of Section B lost their Zookeeper, Drew “MadCow” Hankin at the age of 37. As I stated in a post at’s message boards today, although I didn’t know Drew personally, I always admired his passion for FSU Baseball and his civility in moderating the message boards at Warchant. Sunday at 1pm a […]

I have a personality flaw and that’s being Captain Killjoy sometimes. So, on the heels of a great 2010 FSU Football season, I have a confession to make to everyone. For the first time since 1997, I won’t have some sort of season ticket for FSU Football in 2011. I’m sure that’s a shock to […]

Chick Fil A Bowl Thoughts Better late than never, right? I can sum up the game in one single thought: I think the outcome is very different if Greg Reid doesn’t knock Marcus Lattimore out of the the game. That one hit killed a South Carolina team that I thought looked very strong coming out […]

The final Gut Reaction Prediction of the 2010 season is here finally. Following the game the final Jimbotron Fan Confidence Poll will open for voting sometime on New Year’s Day. Thanks for reading my musings all season. I truly do appreciate you guys here, on Twitter and on Tumblr. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with all […]

Why the ACC Championship game should be played on the campus of the team with the best conference record

As we all know, the Noles take on the South Carolina Gamecocks on New Year’s Eve in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Now, let me be up front. I kind of like watching the Gamecocks. It’s like watching that stupid little brother of your friend try and try and try to beat him at something. When he […]

Children, let’s talk about a college football related pet peeve of mine: I hate talking about rivals on an FSU related website. I hate talking about the Florida Gators or the Miami Hurricanes unless the Noles are playing them. Why? Because I don’t feel like wasting my energy thinking about either of them. My fanaticism […]

I’m teased by my fellow bloggers a lot about my passion for FSU Softball. There are lots of male fans out there that hate women’s sports for some reason. My answer to them is that I’ve watched plenty of awful professional games of anything in my life, gender doesn’t matter, talent does. Toss in folks […]

One of my friends, Noleman13, puts together the Playoff Bracket each season for giggles. ┬áThe assumption used is that conference champions are automatic qualifiers and the BCS rankings are used for At-Large bids. What follows is Noleman13′s view of things. Take a look at it, leave some comments about what you agree or disagree […]