Monday, September 1st, 2014

Dear Readers, After 7+ years, I’m putting into “Archive Mode” and, for all intents and purposes, closing the site. No new content will be added in the future. After many years of blogging about the Noles, it’s time for me to move on to other formats. Where can you find me in the future? […]

Many moons ago, in the days of yore, ancient cavemen made their mark on the walls of caves. They carved what they did, what they thought, and what was happening to them over however long they were in the cave. Some cavemen marked for years, some for months, and yet others maybe only left one marking. And while […]

Although I don’t watch much basketball, I’m very happy for the Noles and Coach Hamilton. Perhaps some of the people that like to scream for his head all of the time will shut up now? Probably not, but for a program that will always be 2nd fiddle to the football team and viewed as a […]

Now THAT’S  my kind of game! Scheduling has kept me away from the last few games down at Dick Howser Stadium, but last night was I was back and it was one of those nights that I love as an old-school baseball fan. I was never a fan of the 15-14 “gorillaball” scores, so a […]

Here are some random thoughts from my head regarding FSU Baseball: FSU Baseball will frustrate you at times, but overall it’s not worth complaining about teams that win so many games each season. Face it, you could be a Mets fan and really suffer. Mike Martin is frustrating at times, but not nearly as frustrating […]

Over the years I have convinced my Dad to wholeheartedly throw his allegiance to FSU. Before I was a Seminole, he could have overlooked college sports without a care. Now he is a diehard supporter. The other day I received a very strange email from him. He sent me a forward of an email he […]

Last weekend, I was a happy man. FSU Softball is back in action for 2011. This week, I’m happy too, because FSU Baseball opens their 2011 season against VMI tomorrow at 4PM down at Dick Howser Stadium. I’ve been going to baseball for years, and there’s not a better value for a ticket in town. […]

What an interesting weekend. First off, I was happy that I was able to attend all 5 of Seminole Softball’s games this weekend. Granted, it wasn’t always pretty, but it’s a rare occasion that I get to stick around for all of their games in any given weekend. Many times, baseball plays at the same […]

As most of you well know, a large part of my FSU fanaticism involves the softball and baseball teams in addition to the football team. I love all of my Noles, don’t get me wrong, but I have a passion for those three sports mainly. Since football season is long over, and the hoopla that so many […]

I’ll keep this post brief, since I fully admit that I don’t follow recruiting or National Signing Day at anything more than a 50,000 ft level. With that said, I had a conversation with a buddy last night and he said exactly what I feel. “I don’t follow it much, but a #1 class means […]