Friday, August 29th, 2014

by Troy Hebert The number one team in 3 of 5 college baseball polls traveled up the road this week to Durham, NC and took on the Duke Bluedevils in what was Florida State’s first road series this season. The Noles found some power, hitting 9 home runs in the three games, with Tony Thomas […]

by Troy Hebert Part One – the coaching staff Part Two – the depth chart This is part three. Let’s look at the storylines around spring practice… Today is a new day in Seminole Nation. This afternoon around 3:30 pm – a new team will be born over on the practice fields behind Dick Howser […]

and other rants by Troy Hebert My God. It’s been more than a month. And it’s still – just so… so hard to talk about. I’ve been sitting on this article for nearly as long. I’ve gotten the e-mails from Gator acquaintances (who I no longer consider friends) – I’ve seen the SI commemorative package […]

and other revelations by Troy Hebert In the Valentine’s Day spirit, here on – I decided that we should walk the thin line between Man Love and….. well, you know. Jimbo, I love you. Seriously. In one fell swoop, you cast my world in sunshine, ice cream and puppies. I went from mumbling incoherently […]

by Troy Hebert In the second installment of my series of “I am so bored – I can’t believe the season is over” posts…. I planned on taking a look at the team we will be returning next year. It would have been on the site sooner, but I have been on the ledge of […]

By Troy Hebert Lets begin with the Coaching Carousel that is about to ensue. Sure, maybe I’m jumping the gun on this whole article – only because nothing official has been announced. But let’s start with the 99 percent signed rumors, Jimbo Fisher and Lawrence Dawsey. Fisher is a huge upgrade from the previous Offensive […]

In a long line of Seminole Studs that could have made Nole Nation rejoice at the thought of a senior season in the G & G (Marvin Jones, Ernie Sims, Cromartie, PK Sam, blah blah blah) – Lawrence Timmons will throw his name into the NFL Draft hat. Most of you may not have heard […]

By Troy Hebert Towards the start of the Third Quarter, something crazy happened. Drew Weatherford took the snap on 2nd and ten from his own 45 yard line, and made a quick throw to Chris Davis on the sideline – a receiver screen? NO. Davis looked downfield before quickly looking back to Weatherford and completing […]

(Note from NoleCC: Troy doesn’t know it, but this has been promoted from the comment pages to the front page because I think it’s a fantastic thank you to Charlie Ward, and an example of what I wish all Seminole fans strive to be.)  As much as can be said about Bobby has already been […]