Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Cheers and Lyrics

FSU Fight Song

You’ve got to fight, fight, fight, for FSU
You’ve got to scalp ‘em Seminoles;
You’ve got to win, win, win, win win this game
And roll on down and make those goals
For FSU is on the warpath now,
and at the battle’s end she’s great
So fight, fight, fight, fight to victory,
our Seminoles from Florida State.

Alma Mater – High Over Towering Pines

High over towering pines our voices swell,
Praising those Gothic spires, we love so well.
Here sons and daughters stand, faithful and true,
Hailing our alma mater, F.S.U.

Hymn to the Garnet and Gold

Here’s a hymn to the Garnet and Gold, ringing to the sky.
Here’s a song for the men and women bold. Sing with heads held high.
Striving ere to seek to know, Fight for victory.
Alma Mater, this our song to you. Echoes, F.S.U.


(Massacre sounds similar to the Warchant, however it’s a cheer done with the Chiefs before they play the Warchant during the pregame ceremonies and at times during the game.)

Go Seminoles!
Fight Team Fight!
Scalp ‘Em!