Monday, September 1st, 2014

Jon Loesche Checks In For Spring Football


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With Spring Football almost finished, I thought it would be time to once again come out
of hibernation. There has been plenty talked about for Florida State’s 2011 campaign.
The Sept 17th game vs Oklahoma has already been circled as another “Is FSU back
moment”, while the tin foil hat crowd thinks the ACC is out to get the Noles with the

So what is it? Can Jimbo Fisher make the 2nd year jump protégé Nick Saban had at LSU
and Alabama, or should FSU be content with another solid season?

Barring injuries, FSU should have one of the top defenses in a stacked ACC and perhaps
the country. The Noles have two NFL caliber corners, a two 5 star recruits who will be
playing safety. The front four will get a badly needed injection of talent which should
prevent a late season slide like last year. And the linebacker corps should be up to FSU’s
usual standards.

Honestly, at the end of the day I feel the 2011 season is going to come down to one man
and one man only. EJ Manuel. The hyped recruit from Virginia Beach has shown the
ability to be an elite quarterback in the college game. Finally injury free, Manuel should
be able to pick up where Christian Ponder left off.

If Manuel can come in and be the man, FSU should win the ACC title no if ands or buts.

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