Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Monday Morning Quick Thoughts


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  • Although I don’t watch much basketball, I’m very happy for the Noles and Coach Hamilton. Perhaps some of the people that like to scream for his head all of the time will shut up now? Probably not, but for a program that will always be 2nd fiddle to the football team and viewed as a mid-tier ACC team, he’s doing a great job. Who’s a better value than Coach Hamilton all things considered? I can’t answer that, if you can leave a comment.
  • I’m also very happy that Sue Semrau’s squad is a first round winner. They should be able to advance well into the tournament too. Semrau is a great success story at FSU.
  • The baseball team dropped 3-4 this week. The Gators pulled out the victory in Gainesville and the Cavaliers took the first 2 in Virginia. It’s not the showing I was hoping for from the baseball team. On the bright side, the Noles played tight games and just happened to come out on the short end of the stick. Moving forward they should be on the winning side of some of those extra inning games too.
  • The softball team is trying to get back on the right track. Robin Ahrberg blasted two bombs in the Sunday victory over N.C. State. They’re a fun team to watch, I support them wholeheartedly, but in reality they lack dominating pitching in any slot. I don’t think anyone envisioned Sarah Hamilton with a 7-9 record at this point. It’s tough to win a lot of game when it all falls on the offense. Softball lineups are still dominated by great to elite pitching.
  • Also, let me not totally kill the pitching staff. Kudos to Morgan Bullock, Jessica Nori and Lauren Varsalona for doing their best to step into a mixed bag #2 role. The problem for them is that there isn’t a Jessica van der Linden (Boulware) that is such a drastic change for opposing hitters. Opponents see a lot of the same thing from the Noles, which inevitably leads to more offense.
  • Spring Football starts soon. For me that’s one step above recruiting news, but I’ll check up on the spring game in a couple of weeks. I’m sure it will be Jimbotastic. Maybe we can get Michael Bay to take a day off from Transformers 3 production to do some Baytastic Explosions & Pyro?


4 Responses to “Monday Morning Quick Thoughts”
  1. evenflow58No Gravatar says:

    Last week I would have said Ham isn’t worth what he’s paid but I liked him as FSU’s head coach (he’s paid as a top 30 coach). I’m willing to eat those words for a year now. Great weekend for the basketball program. Hopefully that’ll increase fan support next year.

    Going 3-4 on the weekend wasn’t too bad for FSU baseball. They were in every game they played against 2 top 5 teams and would have won more if FSU didn’t employ Shouppe. The Noles still lead the division even though CU made up some ground. The division won’t likely be decided until the last weekend of the season when FSU hosts CU.

  2. NCNoleNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the support of coach Hamilton, I quit reading another sight because of their constant attack on coach Ham. and coach Martin. Both coaches consistently finish in the top few of the ACC and get into post season tournaments, most schools would love to have them.

    I also am tired of the scheduling of cupcake football games to better your record. Sorry I am not going to spend my weekend and dollars to watch Louisana-Monroe, Charleston Southern, Murray State, Nevada or the Citidal.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      Regarding the cupcake schedules… as a fan I’m with you. While it’s nice to watch the Noles cruise through an “easier” opponent, overall I don’t like those games, especially when dollars are factored in. As a business person though, I get it and I’m for it. The way the BCS sets up, it’s absolutely silly for FSU to schedule themselves into a corner when the UF’s of the world don’t. Until the rules change to encourage better scheduling, we’re stuck with it.

      • NCNoleNo Gravatar says:

        I agree that everyone else does it and you have to have the W to win the big picture. I like the BYU’s, South Florida and Colorado, but have no business playing the Western Carolina’s.