Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Seminoles Baseball Tops Boston College 3-1


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Now THAT’S  my kind of game!

Scheduling has kept me away from the last few games down at Dick Howser Stadium, but last night was I was back and it was one of those nights that I love as an old-school baseball fan. I was never a fan of the 15-14 “gorillaball” scores, so a 3-1 night where Sean Gilmartin was pretty much lights out and the Noles had one big rally to win the game was fantastic. To top that off the games are still under 3 hours with the combination of the bats and new rules. The only thing that would have made it better is a bigger crowd, but attendance last night was understandable considering FSU is on Spring Break.

Here are some random thoughts from last night:

  • It seems like Sean Gilmartin needs a big hit against him before he settles in. It’s funny, whether it’s a double or a home run like last night, he settled down and then is lights out the rest of the way. As long as they’re solo shots, it’s not a big deal.
  • Also regarding Sean Gilmartin, he’s just a unique looking kind of ballplayer. My buddy and I were talking about how he just looks older and different on the mound than everybody else. I’m not sure that counts as an intangible, but there’s something extra fun about #3 to watch when he’s on the mound.
  • Stuart Tapley looks more comfortable at the plate. If he can hover around .275 all season I think that would be a great success for him and the team.
  • It’s extremely nice to look at an infield and not hold my breath at ANY of the positions. Johnson, Gonzalez, Travis and a defensively improved Boyd at 1B.
  • Talking about Boyd, he had two very nice plays that stick out in my mind. The first was a hard hit grounder that he backhanded (and probably never saw) and got the put out. The second was a really nice pick on a throw (I can’t remember whether it was Johnson or Gonzo with the throw).
  • James Ramsey is a goon in a good way. He’s looks like Christian Slater during pregame and seems to be the guy that gets the rest of the team excited and ready to roll.
  • Mike McGee is a great all around player. I realize that he doesn’t want to pitch when he moves on to professional baseball, but he does himself in every time that he comes up clutch at the end of a game.
  • Why does Boston College seem to play FSU tough in every sport?
  • Can someone explain to me why when a B.C. pitcher that was injured left the game that one of the players was allowed to finish warming up  in the bullpen? I thought immediate replacement was necessary and the new pitcher could warm up on the field? I really don’t know, so if anyone has an answer leave me a comment.
  • Really, can we go back to the regular Take Me Out To The Ball Game song instead of the hodgepodge one that is still being forced down our throats?
  • Nice job by The Animals last night with O Canada, that’s the loudest I’ve heard it in a while and it worked yet again.

I should be headed out there again tonight. Hopefully it’ll be a little warmer than last night! Go Noles!

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