Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Lessons Of A Seminole Baseball Fan


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Here are some random thoughts from my head regarding FSU Baseball:

  • FSU Baseball will frustrate you at times, but overall it’s not worth complaining about teams that win so many games each season. Face it, you could be a Mets fan and really suffer.
  • Mike Martin is frustrating at times, but not nearly as frustrating as some would like to claim.
  • The first base side of Dick Howser Stadium has a great a view, but you pay for it when the sun is out.
  • Nole Dogs are tasty, but I miss the M&M’s Ice Cream Sandwiches.
  • Statistics will never give you a moment like Danny Wardell hitting a bomb and releasing a whole lot of frustration with a big grin at home plate when greeted by his teammates.
  • Not all decisions on a baseball field should be driven by which guy has the better FIP, especially early in the season and at the college level.
  • Football likes to schedule two “practice” games to start the season now. Baseball was ahead of the curve and has done that for years (sorry VMI and Hofstra).
  • Diet Coke at Dick Howser Stadium is never going to taste good. Of course, some of you would tell me that Diet Coke never tastes good. You have a point I suppose.
  • I will never understand how anybody eats a hot pizza when the temperature is 90 and humidity matches it.
  • The bleachers have much better hecklers than the grandstand*
  • * That doesn’t include Section B most of the time.
  • Score-keeping is an art form.
  • Circle K hot dogs must be super cheap with the amount of them they have to give out for free each season if a fraction of the people that get the coupon actually use it.
  • Games under 3 hours are a good thing, not a bad thing.
  • There’s not a better way to enjoy one of those perfect Tallahassee spring days than being at the ballpark.

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