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Why I’m Not Renewing My FSU Football Season Tickets In 2011


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I have a personality flaw and that’s being Captain Killjoy sometimes. So, on the heels of a great 2010 FSU Football season, I have a confession to make to everyone. For the first time since 1997, I won’t have some sort of season ticket for FSU Football in 2011. I’m sure that’s a shock to many people, considering the team is on what I believe to be a HUGE upswing over the next decade. I’m out for many reasons which I’ll outline below. I thought I would share my thoughts about it with you guys since we’re all fans. I’m sure some of you will want to slap me upside the head because you’d kill to be close enough to Tally to attend the games. I’m sure others will understand my reasons. Either way I just wanted to share my thoughts, because maybe it can help spur more changes.

I Didn’t Take This Lightly

For some fans it’s an easy yes or no to something like season tickets. Some of you might live far away and others might not have the means. A lot of us fall in the middle somewhere though. I’m definitely in the middle. I’m blessed enough to afford season tickets, but it’s at the cost of other activities. Either way, I thought about renewing off and on for most of the season. I’ve discussed it with my season ticket partners in crime, my parents, to the point that we’re all tired of talking about it. We went through possibilities like reducing our Booster contribution or reducing the amount of tickets we bought. I looked at each choice closely, but at the end of the day while money is definitely related to my choice of not renewing FSU Football season tickets it wasn’t nearly the primary factor.

Fan Experience

This is the number 1 reason I’m bailing out. The fan experience at Doak Campbell Stadium slowly and steadily tanked for me over the last 10 years even though Doak itself improved on a lot of things. What do I mean? I give credit for the new video boards, the attempt at a better entrance for the team, improved fan areas and concessions. There was some good done over the years, I can’t deny that.

But, there were also some major areas that tanked and really soured me on trekking to the stadium for seven different Saturdays in the fall. The first is the typical fan. When I started going to games in college, the college kids had a lot of fun in the student section. That probably hasn’t changed. Shortly though, I ended up getting season tickets out in Priority III with the “regular” folks. It was generally a fun time with generally kind people that were pretty considerate of those around them. I was even on the cusp of the old visitor’s section and ended up having lots of fun trading barbs with rivals. All in all it was a fun day to enjoy college football.

Compare that with 2010 and it’s like night and day. I had two folks in front of me that could not understand that their back should not hang 4 inches into the row behind them. I had one that went from an over the top obnoxious chair to a less obnoxious version by Game #3.  Behind me was a fan that would yell at folks to sit down DURING PREGAME. Seriously, stand up or look at a scoreboard buddy. Down the road were some large chaw spittin’ drunks that poorly aimed at their dip cups. Most folks couldn’t have cared less how the game was going, since they were too busy dumping mini bottles into their Diet Cokes. It makes for a very uncomfortable situation for not only me, but especially my parents.


Keeping in mind that the in-the-stands experience devalues my overall fun at the game now, think about how an average ticket price + Booster contributions of $75 for my level starts to feel. After a throw away game against Samford (and more of those to come in the future) $75 starts to sound expensive to me. I’m just an average guy. Oddly enough as I’ve aged I understand that there are things more important than going to a football game. On top of that, because of the traffic at a game (partly due to what I believe to be a still reduced traffic control staff) it’s an all day affair no matter the kickoff time.

Granted, once upon a time I used to be an all day tailgate kind of guy. For those fans, it’s easy in and easy out because there’s no hurry. Today is a different story for me though. I don’t have the desire to spend the whole day down there, nor is it fun to wait for over an hour for traffic to clear just to get out of a parking garage. I have two days for my weekend and for seven weekends each fall FSU Football wants me to blow an entire day and pay for it too.

Another factor when looking at value, is that I have only a small amount of money to help Florida State Athletics each year. The money used just to guarantee some seats at at Doak Campbell Stadium seems to be much better used when I give it to an individual sport club. Seriously, I’m size 2 font chump change to the football team, but to any of the non-revenue sports I feel like a big help. I get more personal value knowing I helped out a non-rev rather than being lost somewhere in the machine.


Ten years ago, HDTV wasn’t an option for me. It just flat out was not really available and / or was very costly. Today, for the price of a couple of season tickets and a medium booster donation I can buy a HUGE HDTV. For that price, I can actually replace the TV EVERY YEAR if I wanted. Granted, I’m not “there at the game” but that doesn’t make me any less of a fan. I love the Noles and that doesn’t change because I watch the game on TV. Plus, the ACC and FSU subsequently make TONS of money from too with that big fat television contract, right? Watching the game and boosting ratings helps for the NEXT TV contract down the line. Seminole Boosters and FSU don’t like to hear that, but they can’t have it both ways. I understand that this is a business that needs money to succeed and compete, but please don’t try to guilt me into tickets or donations anymore.

My Plan For 2011

I still have mixed feelings ultimately. It’s hard to let go when the team is looking good and on the upswing for the foreseeable future. I really like Jimbo Fisher and his staff. I love the Noles. I want to enjoy being at Doak Campbell Stadium. I want to enjoy it from start to finish like I used to for many years. So, I’ll dip my feet in here and there next year. I’ll bet that there will be plenty of single game tickets available for a few of the less than stellar games on the schedule and pay $20 to the guys down the street for parking instead of hanging that shiny Booster Lot permit. I’ll have a few game watching parties either at home or at my parents’ place. I’ll pause the DVR when I need to use the bathroom in the middle of the game and I’ll eat some home grilled burgers and dogs during the game. All while Doak Campbell Stadium is 20 minutes down the road. I’ll watch all 4 quarters of the games before and after an FSU home game for the first time since high school and I’ll enjoy having to block off only 4 hours on a Saturday for the game instead of 8-10.


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  1. Greg in VANo Gravatar says:

    Boooo! You have no idea how lucky you are to be able to go to all the home games. Why don’t you just lose the high level booster status w/parking and sit somewhere else? Another thought is to split season tix where you go to half the gamesm. If I get to see the Noles once at home and once on the road a year I’m thrilled. I hope you reconsider.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      Splitting would help if money was really the issue, but it’s not. And, I will still probably check out a game or two in person, when I can cherry pick the time for a single game and not have paid $50 for a noon September game against an FCS opponent that I could seen on ESPNU.

      • TrueNoleNo Gravatar says:

        $75? what do you get with that? A high five and a pat on the back? The average booster, myself being one of them, spends at LEAST $300 on a Booster contribution, most spend much much more. Why? Because that money is first and foremost, tax deductible, and is like spending nothing. Secondly, it all goes to the program and the athletes of the University, which is an amazing cause and you should not view it as money you are just paying to some corporate office. Comparatively, we have some of the most reasonable ticket prices in NCAA and in definitely in NFL, so what is your rule of measure to call it expensive? Are you saying that it is more expensive than a high school game? Well then yes, it is quite expensive.

        If you are not enjoying the people around you than do something about it. Don’t hold the program responsible, which negatively effects the players, for something out of their control. Say something reasonable to the annoying people around you and come to a compromise.

        If you feel that FSU is stealing away your weekend, then you aren’t the type of fan needed at the stadium anyway, because you have no more passion (sad for you).

        Last, I will have you know that the season tickets are going to be on a wait list soon enough, with how our recruiting classes are and the general capability of our team, so rethink your actions, you still have time to be absolved from this mortal sin you are about to commit.

        I hope you find your inner fan.

        • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


          First of all, the Booster contribution by itself was NOT $75. I included the Booster contribution spread out over 7 games and added it to the average ticket price to get $75 per game.

          Second of all, it’s not like spending nothing. You get back roughly 30% of the full money donated to the Boosters. It’s a tax deduction, not a tax credit. On top of that, do you know how much money goes to the players vs. what Seminole Boosters, Inc spends on themselves or projects like College Town? If you have actual numbers, please provide them because I’d love to look at them and either be happy or point out my issue with how the money is spent.

          Finally, I suggest before you attack my fanaticism (if haven’t noticed I’ve put an awful lot of effort into a dedicated FSU fan site for years, have YOU?) that you research your accusations a bit better. Value != $. This is not a dollar issue, it’s a VALUE issue. On top of that, if you read more closely, the Booster money that I do contribute DOES end up at FSU just not through the general booster fund because I feel like helping a non-rev with that money is MORE helpful to FSU Athletics.

          • TrueNoleNo Gravatar says:

            Because they are an NPO all of their expenses are public record for the most part and they have a panel of people that make sure expenditures are only in the best interest of the University and it’s athletics

            Better facilities, better community = more conducive to visiting players enjoying it and choosing FSU over other schools. They are not embezzling money or spending it with an intent of malice.

            I am not trying to go on the offensive with you. I just hope you realize the negative connotations of writing an article like this. It would be of much more use to just raise your voice with other boosters and accomplish the goal of bettering the environment you dislike instead of trying to persuade others into taking a dagger to the financial heart of the team you so fondly speak of.

            I suggest being proactive in a big way rather than be complacent and simply withdraw support altogether.

            • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


              I’ve read the IRS documents. Do you have docs that are more specific? I’m just curious. As for raising my voice, I and others have raised it. Multiple times. The only solution I saw this year was an attempt to guilt fans into buying tickets. Frankly, that’s beside my point and unrelated to my post above.


              I haven’t tried to persuade anyone into dropping their tickets. I again invite you to read my post. I simply explain why I, a single fan, decided against renewing my season tickets. THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT of my money that would’ve gone to football tickets is going to non-rev sports at FSU. Where is the “daggar to the financial heart” of the team? On top of that, in your earlier post you’re telling me there are waitlists coming for football? Where is the supposed daggar then?

              I’m being honest and open about a decision that I made after attending 84 home games since 1997. That’s it. I hope the stadium sells out each week and that I have problems getting tickets. That’s absolutely great. I doubt that will happen in reality and I think the folks in charge need to realize that sooner rather than later. There are a lot of forces at play that will keep Doak from filling up, winning team or not.

              • TrueNoleNo Gravatar says:

                Well that is good that you are still giving.

                Every time I hear of a problem that blows up on blogs, it normally gets solved quickly. The boosters seem quite responsive to big bloggers, and big boosters. I think there are still more roads other than not going to games.

                You may not intend to dissuade fans from coming, but when you lead your site with an article about why you are not renewing, it has a negative effect, you can’t say people read that and rush out to go to Doak. It is a negative pitch.

                I understand you are a big fan. I just think the article is coming from a bad place.

              • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


                We’ll have to agree to disagree about the negative affect. If I was actively asking people to skip games, I’d agree with you. But, I’m not. I’m making statements about what I didn’t like and what led me to a decision to not renew. I’m sorry that you disagree with that decision, but if you change your perspective a bit you might understand more.

                I’m a fan, a Booster still and an alumnus, yes, but that doesn’t mean everything is always garnet and gold in my view. I’m not afraid to write about it, good times or bad.

        • Mikey BennyNo Gravatar says:

          Perspective, friend.

          NoleCC, you need to do what’s best for yourself and your family. Screw everyone else’s opinions.

          No one can tell you how big a fan you are, except yourself. It’s measured by how you feel about the team, not how much you spend to see their games.

          We live in Jacksonville… it was at least $2000-$3000/year. The ticket prices are nothing; it’s the investment to get season tickets for two, travel costs from a couple hundred miles away, hotels a couple times a year…

          If you think that kind of money is something people shouldn’t think hard about spending, then you’re in a different world than the rest of us.

  2. DBNo Gravatar says:

    Good article… really said it like it is… until ticket prices come down (and they won’t), it will only get worse in regards to cost.

    We are going through the same thing this year… we are older and have less patience for traffic/rain/lightening/heat, add to it the cost of a baby-sitter for two younger children – that is, when you can find one – and a reliable one willing to give up 8 hours on a Saturday. Also friends don’t come to town as much as they once did, so tailgating isn’t as big of an ordeal as it once was… just a few of us left, and maybe even fewer next year.

    Still love to go to the games (probably missed 3 since going to college at FSU) – night games especially, and will weigh the bene’s and costs before final decisions… but not looking good for renewal.

    Season ticket holder since about ’86 – you do the math.

    FSU class of 1985, 1986, 1999

  3. Yeah, I’m with Greg here. Booo.

    First of all, the fans around you complaints aren’t the fault of the team or the university. That’s just you being old and crotchity. Remember when you were a student? Was every game peaches? I doubt it. I bet you had some drunks around you. Did you ever have that person pass out next to you? What about if they puked? And what about the sorority girl who isn’t there to watch the game but to yell “OMG, so like …” in her phone all game?

    Traffic is a problem. That’s the bottomline. It sucks. They need more cops and better parking situations. But you can’t move the stadium closer to I-10, so it is what it is. Eat a hot dog and wait.

    I agree with Greg, how about splitting your tickets? I am sure there are some fans here (or fellow bloggers) who wouldn’t mind not having to deal with stubhub or any other website. And even if you put it on stubhub yourself, you might be able to turn a profit of a few dollars.

    On the other hand, buying single game tickets allows you to see the game from a different angle every time you go, which is cool.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      The splitting the tickets idea does nothing for me. I can buy single games for the bad teams for $25 probably, or spend $321 for 7 games and split them with someone, maybe. For me, splitting them up isn’t worth the effort. And honestly, yeah those games with the students were peaches. I expected to stand, I expected to yell and have fun. I expected to hang around drunk people my age even if I wasn’t drunk with them. They were fun.

      I agree about the cops, they reduced traffic control a few years ago and it’s been brutal ever since.

  4. RichNo Gravatar says:

    Sounds like half your problem is with folks around your seats. So move. Call FSU and insist they move you to another area at your level (I”d move too if I were in the spittin’ and chuggin’ section). Or downscale to end zone area where you don’t need a Booster contribution (I think they still exist, and if you get high enough the view is good). Worst case, you can buy a ticket to most any game before kickoff — on-line or at the stadium.

    Don’t want to tailgate all day? Park further out and walk to and from your car. If you live in Tallahassee, it won’t take THAT long to get home.

    Sure wished I was that close to Doak. Not looking for a medal here, but there are days I drive 10+ hours to and from the game.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      The folks are part of it for sure, but paying $321 ahead of time to potentially have September noon games in the South End Zone doesn’t strike me as a great idea when I can cherry pick what I want (besides OU / Miami) depending on the game time down the road.

      Again, walking to and from the car isn’t an issue for me. For my parents, who I’ve attended games with and would’ve with a season renewal it is an issue.

      • TrueNoleNo Gravatar says:

        Clearly you are demonstrating that this is an issue of money. I understand, the economy is tough. If the Noles are something you have to cut, I pity you, but do understand.

        Maybe find a different budget cut?

        • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

          Clearly you did not understand my article. This is not a direct $ issue, this is an issue of value.

          • TrueNoleNo Gravatar says:

            I’ll agree to disagree. At least we are all fans of the Noles. Maybe this season will drive you back to Doak… or maybe the fact that they have private contractors coming into look at potentially redesigning the inside within the next few years will.

  5. RichNo Gravatar says:

    P.S.- And I graduated in the 70s.

  6. chrisNo Gravatar says:

    Guess you burned out during the lost decade…I did too and stopped buying season tix and lowered my booster contribution to the bare minimum. This last year though, despite all the complaints that are warranted regarding fan experience, was priceless for me. To feel the renewed enthusiam for FSU football and actually experience it was well worth my time and money that I am thankful to have. Its good to be a FSU football fan these days for once in such a long time, and Im not going to pass on it now. Enjoy the HD experience….see the rest of you that can “make it” to the games! GO NOLES!!!!

    FSU class of 1992

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      I agree that this year was fun. The Florida game especially was the “Doak of old” from the 90s. The place was loud and proud, so from an overall crowd standpoint it was great.

      On the flip side, I was lucky to be there at the peak and I’ve been 84 times overall and will still go to a game or two each year. I know what it’s all about and I just can see paying what I’ve paid to be annoyed with inconsiderate people, traffic, etc.

  7. Dude, take a year off. Go to one or two games and enjoy. If you get the bug to buy again, do so. I’m guessing this blog also adds to the pressure in its own small way. If you watch on TV you can still blog and tweet and all that just as much, all while sitting in your chair, watching your TV.

    Or you could renew and give me your tickets …

  8. ParkerNo Gravatar says:

    Why don’t you keep the booster donation current and then buy tickets to the games that you want on the booster exchange?

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      For me that doesn’t solve much, and I’d rather commit the money that would go to a season ticket package to the Dugout Club or the Bullpen Club at this point. Attendance would have to drastically drop for me as one person to start worrying about the football team’s revenue and do something like buy tix and swap out or sell the rest.

  9. MikeNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, the fans around you are THAT good? I would have traded you my seats for the Clemson game. We were on the home side 35 yd line about 2/3 up. Nice! That is until the guy behind me showed up. He stood on his seat screaming F-bombs until we had the police throw him out. His buddies stayed on to complain about the injustice. Meanwhile, three post-college age girls sat behind my daughter, whose knowledge of sex is now much farther along than I hoped at this point. Even after all those idiots left after half-time, our entire section wound up getting a 4th quarter show from a drunk booster’s wife doing a naughty little dance in the window of her luxury box.

    Yes, I’m older. I have a kid. I don’t like to curse as much as I used to. I still drink, but I don’t get drunk anymore. But dadgummit, I used to have season tickets and no one in our section was that bad. People drank some, people swore a little. No harm done. Is it really me, or are people just getting more obnoxious?

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      I’m sorry about those experiences, and yeah I think people are… I dunno if obnoxious is the right word, but there is a level of couth that doesn’t exist anymore. Part of what I’ve had to realize is that if everyone else wants to act like that at a game, and I don’t like it, that I’m in the minority… the “Get off my lawn” guy that needs to stay home until I can tolerate it.

      It’s like my displeasure with going to the movies now. Occasionally I get a quiet, non-texting crowd, but more often than not I wonder why Mrs. and I spent $20 to see something that apparently nobody else wanted to watch, they just wanted a seat and a dark room to talk or text.

  10. Bill SalokarNo Gravatar says:

    I was a student from 76-80 and went to most games from that time until I moved to Atlanta in 93. Way back, the FSU tradition was Saturday night games. The weather was better, it allowed for Saturday travel to Tallahassee, and didn’t mean giving up your whole day for a game. As I recall, FSU moved away from that tradition because they felt they were not getting the exposure they needed. But now, with ESPN, regular Saturday night games, and nationwide awareness, those reasons don’t matter so much anymore. Maybe it’s time to renew that old tradition. Would that make a difference in your decision to be a season ticket holder?

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      Night games are always much better I agree. In this case though, it’s not (all) FSU’s fault.the TV networks and their contracts with the ACC dictate the game times. I feel like more night games are in the future with FSU’s continued rise. ESPN will want to feature them then. But, with the watering down of the non-conference schedule, there will still be some very hot noon games that didn’t exist before thanks to new channels like ESPNU and online when year ago they would’ve been 6pm Pay Per View kickoffs.

      I say we can’t totally blame FSU because of how the schedule is done by the TV networks. At the same time though, early on this year it seemed like the campaign was to boo hoo about fans not wanting to sit in 95 degree heat to watch a mediocre game AND still be happy to take the money from the TV network.

      Ultimately, Bill, knowing those games would be at night would definitely help, but until the overall experience vastly improves too and can some how leave me with an experience each game better than “ticked off guy about traffic, behavior of fans around me, etc.” then I need to stay home more often than not.

  11. jm1975flNo Gravatar says:

    Bill, I understand what you say and get it and don’t blame you for it. I live in Fort Lauderdale. I will say it, my last FSU home game was Maryland in 2005. Aside from that, I have religiously attended every time the Noles played Miami and in 2006 Orange Bowl vs Penn State, I attended FSU for 2 years and actually finished at UCF. When I was at UCF we were just about to move out of 1-AA to 1-A so I never really got interested in UCF as I was a crazy Seminole fan and remian so to this date. I have done the opposite. I know in my gut, and thats why I shelled the money out, ( trust me I will be sacrificing for this ) for season tix for the first time EVER for 2011. I already have my hotel reservation for the Oklahoma game and plan on attending the Miami and NC State game and I hope the Maryland game ( Depends on what the schedule is etc ). The other games I don’t go to I will sell on stub hub. But to make that drive ( Im sure many of you know how long it is, 470 miles or appox 7 hours ) I better damn well know I just didnt waste a precious vacation day or two and upwards of $ 500 for nothing. That being said, I also saw the scene at the Florida game. That was priceless. That was equal to 1996 and the goal posts coming down, being at the 1994 Orange Bowl, Being at the 1993 and 1995 and 1997 Miami beatdowns..I have a feeling I will not have wasted my money. Go Noles ——>

  12. LuvunolesNo Gravatar says:

    You all have very good points either supporting or respectfully disagreeing with NoleCC.

    My contribution to this discussion is to recommend some changes to “The Boosters” who took my money for the last decade but have treated me like a “one ticket” fan. No one ever called to survey me or sent me any forms to complete which may have given “The Boosters” some feeling for the fans who traveled from South Florida for years to see every home game! Believe me when I say, I have been there for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! I couldn’t get enough! My husband and I even traveled the morning after a hurricane hit our area and arrived about 2 hours before game time.

    I finally received a call this year half way through the season, not asking for my feedback, but asking if I needed more tickets! I had purchased 4 season tickets for some years and paid Warrior dues for the privilege of them changing my seats twice and never asking my opinion or for feedback after their changes. By the way, as a donor and a season ticket holder, for numerous years, you should all note, that I was notified by letter after “The Boosters” already had my donation and order for 4 season tickets. Bad PR to say the least!

    Now for my suggestions:

    We need Ushers at all of the entrances/exists to check the tickets before and during the game.
    We need Ushers to help settle seating disputes and to inform Security about problems with drunks with or without fowl mouths.
    We need Ushers available to hear the complaints from that father in the stands whose daughters were exposed to unnecessary rude and vulgar behavior. Frankly, we don’t come to Doak to see naughty dancing in the boxes either. Do “The Boosters” really want that photo on TV or the internet? The Ushers could be the ones who initially give a warning and then follow up with informing police/security.

    No Tobacco should mean “No Tobacco”!

    No apologies to the “chewing good old boys”! I was a smoker for many years, so don’t tell me that I don’t get it. When the laws changed and restaurants and buildings and various establishments asked you to smoke outside. I obeyed the law. What part of spitting and drooling do you “good old boys” think is sexy? You miss the bottle or the cup and it is all over walkways between the bleachers or all over your neighbor’s blanket and we have to try to avoid it, as we enter or leave our seats! Talk about an image at Doak being splashed with grafitti! “The Boosters” can stop this!

    How about “old fashioned” marketing ?

    What is wrong with rewarding donors and season ticket holders with a discounted percentage depending on payment up front in full or within a time frame where the discount lessons or disappears after the first 6 weeks?
    How about considering lowering the bottled water prices when there is a game at noon or 3:30pm when the temperatures can be almost unbearable? I’ve been known to need 2 bottles for each half and a large diet soda (sodium) in order to survive the entire game! I’m not alone! (FYI – went to a game in Miami when the Jets came down to play the Dolphins. The heat was unbearable. I left my seats and told my family that I’d be in the shade of the walkways. There were men passing out or vomiting because of the heat (the alchohol did not help). The stadium ran out of bottled water. (Note to Boosters – you’ll sell more and keep people hydrated and still make money.) It was not a pretty sight! I never went back to a Dolphin game no matter the opponent!

    This has nothing to do with being a fan. It has nothing to do with our great Head Coach, Jimbo Fisher and his fellow coaches and support staff. It has nothing to do with our players who want to play their best and please the fans every time they enter the field. I absolutely love all of them!

    When the fan experience deteriorates in the stadium, then the fans find ways to spend less time there, but it doesn’t make NoleCC or anyone else less of a fan! By the way, Guilting and Bullying doesn’t work either! The “Boosters” should rethink their advertising and utilize Jimbo and his inspiring words or the players demonstrating their skills or the Marching Cheifs with their best routines to inspire fans to buy tickets this year!

  13. CBNo Gravatar says:

    All great thoughts and sense we are all fans, here is my constructive criticism:
    #1: Your fan experience is what you make it. We can spend time dwelling on the negative or appriciate the positives. I also beleive season ticket holders need to be a little more careful about who the let use thier tickets. As we grow older, some of the things we would partake in are no longer an option and how we view things change. My suggestion here would be to ask yourself honestly, would you still be thrilled about the opportunity to sit in those seats if you were still in your prime?
    #2: Read #1
    #3: Read #1 and then #2

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      I appreciate your comments! Here is my constructive criticism from my particular context since I can’t speak for anyone else:

      #1 I am in my prime. I’m at the beginning of it depending on what you consider prime years. It seems that the FSU Football Advertising agrees with your thoughts, in that those of us that don’t like the game day experience are the problem and that we should either buy tickets anyway or be quiet about the issues. It reminds me of Baghdad Bob saying there are no tanks in Iraq while they were cruising behind him.

      At the end of the day, I’m either wrong which means my measly Booster contribution and ticket won’t be missed anyway, or I’m right and a winning team won’t suddenly solve the attendance and game day problems I’m talking about. Only time will tell, but the attitude of some folks that voicing complaints or issues is not constructive and an attempt to lay guilt on them for not supporting a program offends me. (I’m not putting that on you CB, since I can’t totally tell your tone on a comment, but I do point that at many of the Booster / Ticket emails and ads.)

      Mark Cuban has it right. Fans remember the experience, not necessarily the score. People that go to Doak are already FSU Football fans, they’ll come back if they enjoy that experience enough to justify the cost. For me, it’s as simple as I can enjoy the team from home for most games and limit my in person frustrations to 1-2 times per year for $50 to $100 instead of a ton more. Until something about that changes, I won’t be a season ticket holder.

      #2: Read #1

      #3: Read #1 & #2

  14. LuvunolesNo Gravatar says:

    I do consider that I am still in my prime, even though my age is viewed in a different light. Let’s just say my light might not be the light of daybreak but I’m not creeping around in the moonlight either!

    This country is fast becoming ageist and stadium mentality is no exception! I think that football is a sport that fans of all ages should be able to enjoy without the large number of fowl mouthed, drunken, chewing, spitting or entitled people impeding upon the pleasures of individuals or families. Prime or not, the price of the booster fees and the price of the season tickets should enable everyone to come in peace and leave in peace, whether the team wins or loses.

    Perhaps FSU President Barron is leading the way! On the news this evening, Barron announced that University employees over 65 were being offered one year pay-outs, because the University needed to make room for younger blood. Of course that means that less experienced personnel will have lower salaries and no tenure.

    President Barron graduated in 1973, so unless he was a child prodigy, he must be fast approaching the older, less than prime, that CB is referencing. Does CB or Barron feel that the disgusting behavior of some fans is worth losing the older, loyal fans. You know, old money is just as good as new money!

  15. BigTorskNo Gravatar says:

    You can do whatever you want, it doesn’t affect me. Every reason you gave was lame, sounds to me like you are getting old…

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for sharing your opinion Torsk.

      • BigTorskNo Gravatar says:

        I’ve had season tix since I graduated in 2001 and I live in Kentucky. My roommate from FSU has the 2 seats right next to me and he lives in CT. Do we make many games no, but we don’t complain about it. Our seats are awesome now from where they were 10 years ago. We love supporting the Noles and going to as many games as possible.

        • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


          I’m not sure if you’re just stating that or trying to make a point? If you’re trying to make a point, consider that my post wasn’t about anybody else’s situation other than my own, nor was I attempting to discourage anyone from buying tickets. If you want to buy them and not sit in them, that’s your business. That’s not something I’d choose to do, I’d rather put that money into an individual sport club.

  16. FSUvaFanNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with Greg and Jordi… booooo. Just kidding. At least you think about how you spend your money. You make way too good a case for not getting season tickets. How about writing one of these up for UM and UF and posting it around as much as you can? :)