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Looking Back At The Chick Fil A Bowl Win And The 2010 FSU Football Season


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Chick Fil A Bowl Thoughts

Better late than never, right?

I can sum up the game in one single thought: I think the outcome is very different if Greg Reid doesn’t knock Marcus Lattimore out of the the game. That one hit killed a South Carolina team that I thought looked very strong coming out of the gate on New Year’s Eve. After Lattimore was flattened by that vicious (but legal, despite what ESPN wanted to assume) hit, the Fightin’ Spurriers went into, “oh crap what do we do now” mode. They figured it out about half a quarter late, because E.J. Manuel’s final drive for the TD iced it for FSU. Had the Noles not figured that out either, I feel like the FSU defense was totally gassed in the second half and would’ve given up the winning score to the Gamecocks.┬áBut, it didn’t happen. Jimbo got the Powerade bath and the Noles finished with 10 wins for the first time since 2003. As fan, I love it. It was an exciting game to watch, and the good guys won.

2010 Season

Headed into the season, I thought that 8-4 was what we should expect and be satisfied with in Jimbo Fisher’s first season as Head Coach. Anything more than that was gravy. Well, not only did fans get a 10 win season, victories over Miami and Florida and an unexpected trip to the ACC Championship Game, but they had their faith in the program’s direction restored. FSU Football is looking up, way up, for the first time in nearly a decade.

A Look Ahead

Rational fans should expect another appearance in the ACC Championship next year and perhaps a BCS Bowl Game bid depending on the outcome of that. Less than that, and yes, 2011 is likely a disappointment. The Noles return too many starters, likely have too much talent coming in and will have strong armed E.J. Manuel at the helm of the offense (the first QB Jimbo Fisher recruited himself to FSU). Then again, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Continue to enjoy this season Noles. It was special. It was the foundation of what I believe to be many great things to come again for the Noles and Jimbo Fisher.


4 Responses to “Looking Back At The Chick Fil A Bowl Win And The 2010 FSU Football Season”
  1. BobNo Gravatar says:

    You don’t speculate on the outcome if Ponder wasn’t knocked out. Evidence of Nole D being more gassed than the ‘cocks O?

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      Regarding Ponder, if you’ve read my previews of games throughout the year with Ponder’s injury, I’ve been comfortable with Ponder or E.J. at QB. My speculation is that with Ponder in there the result would have been similar to what we actually achieved.

      Regarding the Nole D, I’m just basing that one what I could see on TV, which was a bunch of huffing and puffing defensive lineman that (rightfully) looked tired heading into the 4th quarter. The 6+ minute drive that capped off the Noles scoring was exactly what the team needed then. If the Noles O can’t do that, I feel like South Carolina would’ve scored the go ahead points.

  2. DrewJJonesNo Gravatar says:

    Lattimore might have made a difference, but I thought, while tired, the D held up pretty well. It could’ve easily been a win by a larger margin, too.

    But for the concussion, Ponder probably hits Pryor for that touchdown early on. (If he’d pulled himself, EJ hits that pass.) And we had the ball near their goalline on the final drive, with SCAR basically gassed and giving up 5+ yards to Thompson each play. A 9-point win could’ve easily been a 16- to 20-point win.

  3. FSUvaFanNo Gravatar says:

    Woot Woot. That is all.