Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

If you were an FSU basketball fan and had something else to do or just wanted to spend the early afternoon outside and missed Florida State’s game against Clemson, you were probably glad you did. If you did watch it, you were probably wondering why you did as FSU got off to one of THOSE […]

Seminoles.com with a good article about one of the finest facilities in the nation for college softball. The accompanying video gives you a glimpse into the new turf room / batting cages. Awesome!

If Saturday night’s 67-51 win over Boston College wasn’t the best game Florida State has played this season, it certainly is among the top three. Which coincidently all have occurred in the last week and a half. With four players in double figures for the second time in the last three games, that is an […]

It’s just about my favorite time of year. Yes, like most of you I’d rank college football as my favorite sport, but there’s something about Opening Day that gives it the edge once per year. Being an FSU Softball and FSU Baseball fan, I get two Opening Days every year, one week after the other. […]

As the Seminoles were floundering around on offense missing basket after basket but still well within striking range thanks to free throw shooting, the comment from the TV announcers was “Florida State can win an ugly game”. It was …. and they did …. beating the Miami Hurricanes in what came down to the final […]

1.    The number one question coming into Saturday’s game against North Carolina State was would the Seminoles have a letdown after the big win over Duke. Answer: 84-71 in favor of the Seminoles. And it wasn’t even that close as FSU not only dominated on defense but dominated on offense as well. 2.    I am […]

The Animals of Section B lost their Zookeeper, Drew “MadCow” Hankin at the age of 37. As I stated in a post at Warchant.com’s message boards today, although I didn’t know Drew personally, I always admired his passion for FSU Baseball and his civility in moderating the message boards at Warchant. Sunday at 1pm a […]

Watching Florida State basketball can be a frustrating thing for many fans at times. Its wins like this one over Duke that make it worthwhile. If only they played with this kind of intensity game in and game out. The team knew it blew it this past week in especially against Auburn. Apparently the Seminoles […]

Sixteenth. Seventeenth. Whatever. The only thing I despise more than the final poll of the season is the preseason poll. Both are basically meaningless to me. Auburn won the BCS Championship Game last night. In my opinion that means a few years from now 2010′s season will be an orphan thanks to a vacated championship. […]

As Florida State headed into the tunnel at the half, the lead in to the Seminole halftime show went something like this. “While the team cools off in the locker room ….” Had FSU cooled off any more the Batman villain Mr. Freeze would have been VERY comfortable. Leading 19-17 with 6:48 to play in […]