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Gut Reaction 2010 Chick Fil A Bowl Prediction


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The final Gut Reaction Prediction of the 2010 season is here finally. Following the game the final Jimbotron Fan Confidence Poll will open for voting sometime on New Year’s Day. Thanks for reading my musings all season. I truly do appreciate you guys here, on Twitter and on Tumblr. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with all of you and talking about our Noles.

Gut Feelings:

I feel like the worst college football fan ever right now. I’ve hardly watched any bowl games this season, and I probably won’t pay much attention until the Noles take on the Gamecocks. I don’t have a good feel for anything college football related right now. Also, my continued streak of mediocrity in bowl pick ‘ems should give you a grand indication of how bad my predictions are during bowl season. Toss in the fact that Steve Spurrier teams seem to look disinterested in playing at random times and that FSU generally plays very well in bowl games and I’m at a loss for how this one will go. Maybe I need a plate full of Chick Fil A sandwiches and chicken strips to help? Feel free to drop them off at ScalpEm.com headquarters.

South Carolina Gamecocks:

I really like the 2010 Gamecocks. I’ve watched a lot of their games throughout the season. Marcus Lattimore is a great talent. Stephen Garcia can be great and then horrible and then great again. The Gamecocks defense is good. They’re a talented team that is probably better than FSU right now. Steve Spurrier seems to have adjusted some of the offensive tactics finally to fit the type of talent he can recruit at South Carolina instead of forcing the old Florida Gators Fun ‘N’ Gun down their throats. They’re a very interesting and, at times, frustrating team to watch.

Florida State Seminoles:

What a debut for Jimbo Fisher. The icing (or chicken in this case) on the cake would be a Chick Fil A Bowl victory over a very good SEC opponent. It would give the Noles a 10 win season for the first time in forever and leave everyone with very positive feelings looking ahead to 2011. Welcome back to respectability FSU. For the Noles, it’s a nice situation to be in. I feel like FSU is in good shape with Christian Ponder or E.J. Manuel running the offense. The running backs should be much healthier than they were a few weeks ago. The wide receivers had a full season to mature and started to look better at the end of the season. I like the 2010 Seminoles. They were a pleasure to watch after years of mediocre, chaotic football. The team is definitely headed in the right direction, but does that translate to a win on New Year’s Eve in Atlanta?

Basically, like every other game this season I feel like it comes down to how well Mark Stoops’ defense performs. If the Noles can force Stephen Garcia to be bad Stephen and throw some INTs and also limit Marcus Lattimore then FSU could win solidly. Do only one of those two and the game is a tight one and can go either way. Do none of it and the Noles need a miracle to win. ¬†Special Teams on either side can swing momentum and the score in a big way too, so someone like Greg Reid can really help put the Seminoles over the top.


Like I said earlier, I don’t have a good feel for this one. I think both teams will probably be flat for the first quarter and a half. I also think Jimbo Fisher’s crew has more energy for a bowl game than Steve Spurrier’s crew. ¬†If I had to guess, I’ll say that Lattimore has a good day against the FSU defense, Stephen Garcia makes some mistakes and it’s a tight one that the Gamecocks win by holding off a late rally by the Noles.

Gamecocks 31 Noles 27

Bonus Info:

Chantrant has all of the info you need for getting around Atlanta on New Year’s Eve if you’re heading to the game.

One last time, thank you all for reading ScalpEm.com. I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas / holiday season and that everyone has a great 2011! Go Noles!


4 Responses to “Gut Reaction 2010 Chick Fil A Bowl Prediction”
  1. james rNo Gravatar says:

    Pretty good review. I’d basically say the same things but put FSU in the Win column…..If Ponder plays. BTW, check out the Nole Owned ammo called HPRammo.

    Go Noles!

  2. Bill SalokarNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for a great season of predictions and game summaries – it’s been a real joy this season. Being here in Atlanta, I just feel a positive vibe in the air for the Seminoles, but, I agree, the Gamecocks can be good at times. For me, I’m starting the 31st with a Chick-fil-A Egg Biscuit for breakfast, a Chick-fil-A sandwich for lunch, then some speared and cooked game cock stew for dinner! Here’s hoping you’re wrong and we have a Happy New Year’s Eve!
    Go Noles! Fear the Spear —>

  3. LuvunolesNo Gravatar says:

    Hope springs eternal!
    Noles 30 Gamecocks 27

    Congrats to Jimbo Fisher regardless of the bowl results!

    NoleCC – Happy New Year!

    • ShaileshNo Gravatar says:

      Defense will be fresh with one month’s rest & gameplan would be similar to Miami. I am feeling we will be able to stop Marcus Lattimore but not Alshon Jeffery. USC will have some kind of miscue – botched snap by Garcia or fumble by someone.. I think FSU wins this 31-24