Monday, September 1st, 2014

Random News and Notes


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Hi everyone, I hope that you are having a very Merry Christmas and a nice week before we kick off 2011. I have some random small updates to share with you. on Tumblr. In case you never check that out or my Twitter account, I’m counting down to FSU Softball Opening Day with a new photo every day on Tumblr. You can check them out by clicking the Tumblr link in the menu above or visiting

Notorious Gator Mike Bianchi asks Seminole fans which UF coach they hate more, Steve Spurrier or Urban Meyer. Neither Mike, they just hate you buddy.

Andrew Carter talks about Jimbo Fisher, the indoor practice facility and Bobby Bowden addressing “his team (for the first time) since the university forced him to retire at the end of the 2009 season.” Let’s get something straight, the Seminoles are NOT Bobby Bowden’s team. They are Jimbo Fisher’s team. The university didn’t force Bobby Bowden to retire, they just gave him two options he didn’t like. People always have choices, Bobby Bowden included, they just don’t always like either of the options.

In other news I haven’t watched any of the bowl games yet. ESPN has officially destroyed my desire to waste every night watching a turd bowl game. I’ll wait for the more interesting games starting on Friday and just check my bowl pick ‘ems every morning until then for results.

I also asked on Twitter if 9-5 sounds a lot worse that 10-4 without the context of beating Miami and Florida. To me, it does. How about you?


3 Responses to “Random News and Notes”
  1. MikeWasNo Gravatar says:

    The 9-5 is the “context” while the “beating Florida and Miami” is the season. We could go 2-12 and I’d consider it a successful season if those were the two.