Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

On The Warpath Volume 17: USC is in Los Angeles Not Columbia


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As we all know, the Noles take on the South Carolina Gamecocks on New Year’s Eve in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Now, let me be up front. I kind of like watching the Gamecocks. It’s like watching that stupid little brother of your friend try and try and try to beat him at something. When he finally does, you smile, but then he gets a big ego and you have to smack him down again. So when the Gamecocks beat Florida or compete for an SEC Championship it amuses me, because they have some passionate fans that enjoy bits of success. I don’t even hate Steve Spurrier. His antics always sort of made me laugh, mostly because of his epic failures at Doak Campbell Stadium. There was nothing to ever get too ticked off about.

Anyway, enough positive talk about them. They have ONE HUGELY IMPORTANT QUALITY that I ABSOLUTELY HATE. They have this horrible, horrible habit of calling themselves USC. I know it’s not just me. I know a lot of people not from South Carolina think Southern California Trojans when we hear USC, because, oh I dunno THEY’RE THE RELEVANT FOOTBALL PROGRAM historically. I hear USC, I think of Hollywood celebrities, good football teams and that awful but historic L.A. Coliseum where they play. I think about rivalries with Notre Dame and UCLA. I think about a powerhouse out west. I don’t think of a bunch of bourbon’d up rednecks going crazy for a Cock in a Cage while the the theme to 2001: A Space¬†Odyssey¬†plays (see below).

I’m not saying that’s a horrible entrance or anything. 2001 doesn’t get me particularly hyped up or anything and neither does a mascot named “Cocky”. It doesn’t compare to “Fight On” and a Trojan warrior doing SWORD WORK at the 50 before the team comes out.

My point, is that USC is in LOS ANGELES, NOT COLUMBIA. South Carolina already had a great shortened name that they refuse to embrace, SCAR. Seriously, SCAR is memorable on TV and sounds pretty badass right? Why push to use USC even after you lost the battle in court? Can anybody blame South Carolina for moving away from guys wearing hats that spell out COCKS or from cheerleaders holding up signs that say COCKS? No. But, you don’t have to act like a Canadian football team and use letters that are already famous (see, Ottowa Rough Riders vs Saskatchewan Roughriders). I’m just saying.

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