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Why I Love FSU Softball And Why You Should Give It A Try


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I’m teased by my fellow bloggers a lot about my passion for FSU Softball. There are lots of male fans out there that hate women’s sports for some reason. My answer to them is that I’ve watched plenty of awful professional games of anything in my life, gender doesn’t matter, talent does. Toss in folks that can’t stand baseball and they don’t seem to understand why I enjoy watching the Noles play at JoAnne Graf Field. I thought now would be a good time (63 days until Opening Day) to throw some reasons out there, why I love FSU Softball, why I go to the games and why you should give it a try this season. They are in no particular order.

Why I Love FSU Softball

  • I’ve always been a baseball fan. Softball wasn’t a big leap to understand or enjoy.
  • The joy of playing shines through in softball more than baseball, mostly because of professional dreams that live in a baseball players mind. Softball players don’t have much of an option for that yet.
  • The action is intimate. You’re 7 feet from the catcher if you sit in the front row at JoAnne Graf Field.
  • The games roll by quickly. Seven inning games that are generally low scoring roll by quickly. Double headers are a regular thing in college softball.
  • It’s free. There’s no charge for anyone to attend a softball game at Florida State.
  • Sportsmanship is at a higher level than in many other sports. Where else would two opposing team members help an injured player complete a trip around the bases for a home run that was hit?
  • They’re winners, and frankly it’s fun to watch the Noles win at anything.

Why you should check it out in 2011

  • It’s free. It’s free. It’s free.
  • It’s easy to drop in for an inning or two before heading over to watch the baseball team at Dick Howser Stadium.
  • The Noles are good. They win a lot of games. Winning is fun.
  • You might find a new passion for something like I did.

Look, I’m not saying it’s perfect. The planned cheering stuff from the dugout I can do without. If you think baseball umpires are bad, try to deal with the insanity of some of the softball umpires. But, try it and you might like it. Opening Day is February 11, 2011 (usually I’m freezing my rear end off for that weekend in a mist of rain, maybe this year will be different).

Go Noles!


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  1. LParker24No Gravatar says:

    Hope to be there myself.
    Go Lady Noles!