Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Post ACCCG Jimbotron Shows Fans Are Smart


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I have to admit, I was a little worried about where the Jimbotron would end up after the loss to Virginia Tech over the weekend. Sure, most FSU fans were just happy to be in the ACC Championship Game after backing into it, but you never know how a fanbase will react to a loss. It turns out that Noles are in the holiday spirit and continue to be realistic. The Jimbotron scored a whopping 100, losing only 5 measly points after last week’s post-UF perfect 105. What does that tell me?

  • Voters at ScalpEm are a realistic bunch.
  • Victories over rivals equals lots of leeway for the team.
  • More people are eyeballing the defense than Jimbo.

Look, a 44-33 loss isn’t what anybody wants. But, this 2010 edition of the Noles did great. Looking forward, the Chick-Fil-A Bowl would be a huge win if FSU and Fisher can get by the Gamecocks and Spurrier. It can set the bar high for 2011. Either way, it’s fun to be a Seminole again isn’t it?

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