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Noleman13′s FBS Playoff Bracket For 2010


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One of my friends, Noleman13, puts together the Playoff Bracket each season for giggles. ┬áThe assumption used is that conference champions are automatic qualifiers and the BCS rankings are used for At-Large bids. What follows is Noleman13′s view of things. Take a look at it, leave some comments about what you agree or disagree with. It’s all for fun. (Click the image for full size).

Off the top of my head, I’d change a lot on the right side of the bracket.

  • I wouldn’t give TCU that much respect. I like VT or Ohio State out of that side and I think either way Oregon would make it to the finals.
  • I’m okay with everything but Wisconsin losing to Stanford on the left side. I think Auburn would beat Wisconsin for the title.

What sucks is that I really think that we’d still have an Oregon / Auburn Championship Game provided there were no freak injuries throughout the playoff.

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5 Responses to “Noleman13′s FBS Playoff Bracket For 2010”
  1. KennethNo Gravatar says:

    Perfect! Dan Wetzel’s formula. Except….this doesn’t account for the error the BCS made. #10 and #11 were messed up. Boise St would be the final at large team and LSU would be the one left out. However, isn’t it much better to argue over whether #10 or #11 is left out than #3 or #4?

  2. KennethNo Gravatar says:

    Sorry, by error I meant that the BCS was called out for having their calculations misrepresented. LSU was originally said to be #10 and Boise St #11 but the reverse proved to be true.

  3. Noleman13No Gravatar says:

    Yeah, Ken, I whipped this thing out before they corrected the rankings. Just plugged Boise into the simulations and it played out the same way…they beat Oklahoma and lose to Oregon.

  4. Noleman13No Gravatar says:

    Just for fun, I will give you the “scores” from each game (after 15 simulations):

    Round 1
    Auburn beats Troy 15-0
    Michigan St beats Arkansas 8-7
    Wisconsin beats Nevada 11-4
    Stanford beats UCF 13-2
    Oregon over Miami (OH) 15-0
    Oklahoma loses a close one to Boise St 8-7
    VaTech edges Ohio St 8-7
    TCU rolls over UConn 13-2

    Round 2
    Auburn slides past Sparty 9-6
    Stanford cheddars Wisconsin 10-5
    The Ducks fly past the Broncos 9-6
    VaTech’s suspect D gets exposed in a 10-5 loss to TCU

    Round 3
    Auburn loses the dream, down 9-6 to Stanford (and for Bill, I simulated AU vs Wisc here…same result – guess good D means something)
    TCU edges Oregon 8-7 (guess saying something about D would be redundant…oops, I just did, again, another time)

    Stanford beats TCU 11-4 in the championship

    This is all “on paper” and we know how that plays out in real life. Auburn is tough team to bet against right now, as ol’ mojo seems to be there 12th man. However, because the powers-that-be are too pigheaded to change this thing, alas, we shall never know.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      haha… well as we know I just pull my picks out of my rear end, so I’m not surprised.

      Wisconsin just passes my eye test from what I’ve watched. Plus, I’m an old school run over everybody guy.