Monday, September 1st, 2014

Acutely Random and Amply Meaningless Thoughts


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1.    Oranges would have very been nice, but don’t we all enjoy a Chik-Fil-A sandwich every now and then?

2.    With a combined 77 points, the ACCCG definitely was a quite a defensive struggle. As in struggling to keep the other team out of the end zone.

3.    This just in ….. VT converted yet another third down. What does that run the game total to now … 37 of 42?

4.    William Floyd summing it up: “If only the defense would come out and play defense.”

5.    Gene Deckerhoff summing it up after a three play 66 yard touchdown drive by VT: “That is not what Mark Stoops had in mind.”

6.    Words such as “torched” or “burned” could be used to describe the FSU secondary regarding, shall we say “uncovered”, VT receivers who easily scored touchdowns. The problem though as I see it however is don’t you have to be somewhere within 20 yards of the receiver to actually feel the heat to qualify as being torched or burned?

7.    As Tyrod Taylor managed to evade four FSU rushers (one of them twice) scrambling for 11 yards and a first down, if Houdini were still alive he’d be asking Taylor for escape trick pointers.

8.    With just four combined penalties called in the game …. Ok, all of them were called on VT ….. Hey Spetman!! Can we put these guys on the FSU payroll and have them call every one of our games and do away with those momentum killing don’t know what it means to play hard hitting football replay review every fifth play or never met a holding call on FSU they didn’t like (did I forget anything) ACC refs? That is until they mess up and call a penalty on us we don’t like.

9.    Memo to the Hokie team: Have a heart guys. You doused (with that product that shall go unnamed) your coach in how cold of weather??

10.    Regarding those “I’m Keith Stone” beer commercials, Mrs. BFT asked the poignant (and might we add relevant) question, “Who is Keith Stone?” As you might expect and for some reason she was unappreciative of the reply, “What do I care, I want to know who Kiki is.”

Bonus Acutely Random and Amply Meaningless Thoughts

11.    Breaking news …. VT just converted yet another third down as they were checking out of the hotel. Oh wait, they got another one as they were getting on the team bus to the airport. Oh dear, yet another as they go through security. Oh no!!! There’s another one as they get on the plane. What do you want to bet they get another one as they land in Blacksburg?

12.    Whoever invented satellite radio, you have my gratitude as I was returning from a show I was playing in Orlando and was able to catch the first half until arriving at home. And now that there will be no FSU football the next couple of weekends I will expect you ALL to show up to catch me play at Universal with Mannheim Steamroller. You can’t miss me. I’ll be one of the orchestra members. Wearing black. Of course so is the rest of the orchestra so scratch that. I’ll be playing an instrument. That should help right?

13.    Now that is what you call being prepared with Cincinnati bringing in the backup Bearcat mascot after the starting mascot was arrested for throwing snowballs. Too bad (if you are a Cincy fan that is) the football team was not as prepared in losing 28-10 to Pitt.

14.    Since it looks to be Auburn and Oregon in the national championship game, two teams that have prolific offenses and/or unprolific defenses but definitely one of the two, I’m guessing the over/under will be somewhere around 200 points. Having said that, watch it turn out to be a 6-3 snoozefest.

15.    Remember that Auburn Tigers fan that was heckling Auburn’s AD at the airport the day he returned after hiring “Gene Fricking Chizek” (as he called him)? Wonder where that guy is today.


2 Responses to “Acutely Random and Amply Meaningless Thoughts”
  1. 4everNoleNo Gravatar says:

    A question for Mrs. BFT, Bill: How is it that VT’s Tyrod Taylor had inimitable traction on the slippery field of play all night long, while the Noles struggled, nearly to a player, just to stand-up at times?

    Come to think of it; what say you NoleCC?

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      I agree about Tyrod not having issues, but I saw lots of Hokies slipping too. The field conditions were pathetic for a pro stadium, especially when it wasn’t raining during the game.

      As for any specific player not having a problem, it’s a function of balance and foot size. I remember years ago, the Miami Dolphins used FB Keith Byars to run all over the Dallas Cowboys in an ice storm in Dallas on Thanksgiving because Byars and his gigantic feet / weight let him stay upright and run while everyone else fell down.

      Tyrod Taylor just had the right combination of balance I think.