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College Football Hall Of Fame Site Selected


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Hot off the presses from the Chick Fil A Bowl folks… here are some hi-resolution renderings of the College Football Hall of Fame that will reside in Atlanta, Ga.

Site for New College Football Hall of Fame Selected

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ATLANTA (Dec. 3, 2010) – The specific site for the new College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta has been selected and organizers have released the first architectural renderings of the facility set to open in March 2013.

Atlanta Hall Management, Inc. – the newly created organization managing the construction and relocation of the College Football Hall of Fame – today announced it has selected the 2.7-acre Green Parking Lot site adjacent to the Georgia World Congress Center as the location for the new Hall facility. The lot is owned by the state of Georgia and is currently being used as a parking lot for the convention center.

The final selection of the Green Lot site comes just three days after the GWCC Authority Board voted unanimously to make the site available to Atlanta Hall Management for possible selection.

“This is truly a day to celebrate a significant milestone in the relocation of the College Football Hall of Fame and we’re enthusiastic about moving forward with the Green Lot site,” said Gary Stokan, Atlanta Hall Management president and CEO. “We feel we’ve gone through extensive process in order to select the best possible site and that the Green Lot site will contribute to the long-term success of the new Hall.”

Because the site is owned by the state, several approvals need to take place before a lease can be approved for the site. These approvals include the Georgia General Assembly, the Governor’s Office and finally the Georgia State Properties Commission. The approval process is expected to be completed by the summer of 2011.

“On behalf of the Georgia World Congress Center Authority Board, we would like to express our appreciation to Atlanta Hall Management for their decision to select our site as the next home of the College Football Hall of Fame. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we look forward to a long prosperous partnership that will enhance Atlanta’s destination appeal,” said Frank Poe, GWCCA executive director.

Proposed terms of the site agreement will include a 30-year lease agreement with four additional five-year options for a total of 50 years on the Green Lot site. The terms will also include a business partnership to operate a parking garage for the facility and for the Hall to compensate the GWCC Authority for parking revenue. The state will retain ownership of the parking structure on the property.

Along with the site announcement, Atlanta Hall Management released the first three architectural renderings of the proposed facility including the exterior elevation, the interior courtyard and the Hall of Fame enshrinement area within the 50,000-square foot, multi-floored structure.

“These renderings are just the first of many steps in the development of the new College Football Hall of Fame attraction and provide a glimpse into the magnitude and incredible possibilities we’re exploring,” said Steve Robinson, chief marketing officer of Chick-fil-A, Inc. and chairman of the AHM Board of Directors. “The new Hall is going to be a dynamic and immersive attraction that will celebrate the sport like never before. This will, without doubt, be the crown jewel for the sport of college football.”

With the construction phase of the project expected to begin in August 2011, AHM disclosed its development team consisting of architects, real estate developer/program manager and exhibit designers.

TVS Design of Atlanta will serve as lead architects as a part of a joint venture with Turner Associates of Atlanta. Cousins-Gude Management, another Atlanta-based joint venture, will perform the roles of developer and program manager. Gallagher and Associates of Washington D.C. will design the exhibit experience and work closely with TVS Design and Turner Associates to achieve an integrated look and feel with the building architecture.

The College Football Hall of Fame relocation project was originally spearheaded by the Chick-fil-A Bowl, in partnership with the National Football Foundation. Representatives from the two organizations first announced plans to relocate the Hall to Atlanta from its current home in South Bend, Ind. last September.


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  1. AParkerNo Gravatar says:

    I look forward to this opening, and being able to hopefully one day see a Clemson player enshrined there. Any guesses on the first class to be enshrined there? I’ll take Joe Pa and Bobby B. And I bet they will be doing it all during that Chick fila kickoff game too. Should make a good weekend for some fanbases, but I also bet they will not allow non-aq schools in either (haha BCS joke (it’s only funny because it’s true))