Monday, September 1st, 2014

Post Florida Jimbotron Scores Perfect 105


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Greatest Day EVER?

  • South Florida beats Miami in OT, creating a new State of Florida law that if you lose to South Florida your coach must feel shame and leave the program by the end of the season.
  • Maryland hangs on against N.C. State and sends FSU to the ACC Championship Game
  • Noles WHOOP UP on the Gators.

The day was so good, I was lucky to even get the Jimbotron up for your viewing of the perfect 105 score. The first one in the history of the Jimbotron… in fact, the above Jimbotron might be the last, because the very next picture I snapped was Jimbo “Baysplosion” Fisher nuking the Jimbotron because the world just couldn’t handle it’s awesomeness this week.

Savor this folks. Savor it. With success comes expectations of championships and BCS games. Enjoy the feeling of coming out of the darkness of the past few years and into a renewed hope. Eight wins was the target, Jimbo got 9. And ACC Championship would make some seriously nice gravy on top of everything and a bowl game win is fresh whipped cream to top off the homemade pie. It’s an extremely fun time to be a Nole!

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