Friday, August 29th, 2014

The final Gut Reaction Prediction of the 2010 season is here finally. Following the game the final Jimbotron Fan Confidence Poll will open for voting sometime on New Year’s Day. Thanks for reading my musings all season. I truly do appreciate you guys here, on Twitter and on Tumblr. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with all […]

I hold the view that every bowl game outside of the National Championship is meaningless, at least for the fans.  What do fans get out of this deal? Spend a few hundred bucks on tickets, hotels, and food just to watch their team maybe win some bowl. I keep telling people, we don’t need an […]

Hi everyone, I hope that you are having a very Merry Christmas and a nice week before we kick off 2011. I have some random small updates to share with you. on Tumblr. In case you never check that out or my Twitter account, I’m counting down to FSU Softball Opening Day with a […]

Starting for the injured Xavier Gibson, Bernard James made the most of his second start of the season by scoring a career high 15 points to go along with 10 rebounds. But it wasn’t just James who helped Florida State in an upset win, 68-61, over 15th ranked Baylor. Derwin Kitchen led the ‘Noles with […]

Why the ACC Championship game should be played on the campus of the team with the best conference record

As we all know, the Noles take on the South Carolina Gamecocks on New Year’s Eve in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Now, let me be up front. I kind of like watching the Gamecocks. It’s like watching that stupid little brother of your friend try and try and try to beat him at something. When he […]

It is a certainty that when the schedule came out Loyola Marymount (picked to finish second in the West Coast Conference) circled the date with Florida State and they played like it. Numerous times the Seminoles would eek out a small lead only to see the Lions come back by putting enormous pressure on FSU’s […]

Children, let’s talk about a college football related pet peeve of mine: I hate talking about rivals on an FSU related website. I hate talking about the Florida Gators or the Miami Hurricanes unless the Noles are playing them. Why? Because I don’t feel like wasting my energy thinking about either of them. My fanaticism […]

If Stetson had thoughts of upsetting the Seminoles after getting up early 6-1, it didn’t last long. Corey Walden scored back to back three pointers with the second coming 1:20 into the game. Nearly ten minutes would pass before the Hatters scored another basket and that was on a goal tending call. Meanwhile Florida State’s […]

Hey fans! I thought I’d share this nifty Agenda for the upcoming Bowl Games. It’s based on the calendar created by Chris H. at Orange Power. I’ve changed the times to eastern and put it on Google Calendar. You can just bookmark this post if you want or view the calendar directly through these links: […]