Saturday, August 30th, 2014

A weekend to give thanks and be proud


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Wow. What a weekend. It’s great to be a Seminole again.

Here are a few thoughts I have after this rivalry weekend:

On the Gridiron:

  • This wasn’t just a win, it was a reawakening. A reawakening of pride, not only in the football team, but in the university. For too long we had to stifle our ability to be loud and proud for fear that someone from another school would ruin our parade. But not anymore. I can wear my Seminole hat or my FSU shirt anywhere in the state with confidence.
  • After the Clemson game, I could sense something different – a bit of momentum, if you will. Maybe it was the swelling of confidence. Confidence that carried through the Maryland game and then turned the Gators into roadkill.
  • I’ve never been more tempted to drive the 4.5 hours from Tampa to Tallahassee to be part of a post-game celebration.
  • Although it was a regular season game, 31-7 was probably one of the biggest wins since 2000.
  • To the 100 or so recruits the announcers said were at the game, this isn’t your big brother’s Seminole team. It is not yet your fathers, however. But with your help it could be.

To the Hardwood:

  • Although I would have liked to see the win, a close game against #16 is nothing to sneeze at.
  • I hate the zone. And so does Leonard Hamilton’s offense.
  • Chris Singleton may be turning into Al Thornton II, but he is not there yet. He is good, but not yet great. Great players don’t disappear against tough teams. I know it sounds cliche, but they find a way.
  • I’m  not sure I like the formfitting basketball jerseys. They might look good on the players, but I hope they sell the non-formfitting kind. A form-fitting jersey might not look too flattering on me. (Yes, I know, if I hit the gym that wouldn’t be a problem. Trust me, that will be on my New Year’s resolution list.)
  • Speaking of Singleton, I recently finished writer Bill Simmons “Book of Basketball”. In this book, Simmons coins a new stat called “stock” – blocks + steals. I bet dollars to donuts Chris Singleton leads the ACC in “stocks” this year.
  • I like the phrase “dollars to donuts”. I should use it more often.
  • Michael Snaer is an assassin. When he gets hot, he is NBAJamz video game good. He reminds me a bit of Isaiah Swann with his three-point ability. Right now and based only on the FSU-FL game, I think Snaer is better at swinging a game than Chris Singleton.
  • Singleton reminds me of a Zach Randolph of the Memphis Grizzles type of player. You watch him score, but you don’t realize he has 20 points and 10 rebounds. He seems like a “quiet” scorer.

Finally, a nail-biting loss to #16 might be tough to take, but considering the a butt-stomping we gave on the football field, I had plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend.

I bet dollars to donuts you did too.

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