Monday, September 1st, 2014

2010 Week 14 Blogpoll Ballot


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The theme of this week is if you lost, I penalized you pretty heavily. If you won, generally you only moved up a few spots because it’s the end of the season and everything is a logjam. I mean, it’s pathetic when my beloved Florida State Seminoles whoop up on the Florida Gators 31-7 and moved up 1 lonely little spot to number 20, right?

Anyway, Boise State loses 5 spots. I probably could drop them more, but they only have one loss and should have won the game twice. ┬áLSU’s luck ran out finally against the Razorbacks. Les Miles is a crazy dude and I like that, but there were too many teams behind them that needed to move up. Oklahoma State did what Oklahoma State does, which is find a creative way to lose to Oklahoma. Maybe next year fighting T.Boone’s! Oh, and Ala-freakin-bama… are you kidding me? Thanks for making the BCS Championship irrelevant unless the Gamecocks can beat eventually ineligible Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers Vacaters.

One other thing, score isn’t a factor in the BCS right? Well it IS on my ballot, and that’s why Wisconsin, who seems to like dropping 70 on teams, is ahead of your other 1 loss teams. Finally, welcome to the Northern Illinois Huskies who are being rewarded for a 10-2 season against mid competition, but who I believe could certainly beat anyone in the Big East, half of the ACC, Vandy and definitely Utah after Utah almost lost to BYU.

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