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Gut Reaction Prediction Florida Gators vs Florida State Seminoles


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It’s that time again. For the last time this 2010 regular season it’s my gut reaction prediction. My only disclaimer is that I ate a bunch of food yesterday and I’m not totally sure that the gut is in any condition to make a prediction. But, Fridays don’t wait for anything and it’s time to do it.

For The Gators

  • Don’t be fooled, they’ve struggled this year but they are still very talented.
  • They’re ugly and their mothers dress them funny.
  • Urban Meyer annoys me.

That’s pretty much it. If you want statistical analysis of the Gators, I’m not your guy. I don’t hate people. I don’t really hate any individual person that IS a Gator. But, I HATE the Gators. They’re one of the few teams I out and out can’t stand. I talk a lot of crap about Boston College, Notre Dame and tOSU. They’re all secondary tier half-joking hate compared to the Gators. Why? Probably because I’m a Nole now and grew up a Hurricane… either way the Gators suck. You’d think I’d give them a pass for wearing orange and blue (colors that I whole-heartedly approve for my New York Mets), but Florida can’t even get that right. They continue to wear those silly orange helmets and ugly shade of blue, when they have a very nice retro uniform sitting in the closet.  They talk wonders about their stadium, which to me looks like a hodge-podge of garbage and nothing nearly as nice as Doak Campbell Stadium. They talk like the arrogant big brother that’s really in debt up to his eyeballs and scared that anybody is going to find out. They talk about the “Criminoles” while having tons of arrests on their own.  You get the picture. I find no redeeming qualities about the Florida Gators.

For the Noles

  • We know this team now. Frustratingly inconsistent, but mostly “good enough”
  • Contrary to most opinions out there, I do not think there is pressure for the Noles this weekend. I don’t feel this game is a “must win” by any means, the ACC games were “must wins” that didn’t pan out. A win over the Gators is a great, but win or lose I don’t feel like it will overly impact FSU in the long run.
  • Christian Ponder’s legs will be invaluable and if Ponder gets hurt the Noles know they have the more than capable E.J. Manuel in their back pocket.
  • Dustin Hopkins, you’ve got one job. Be ready to do it and do it well.
  • Someone get the ball to Rodney Smith. Please?
  • Greg Reid needs to hang on to the ball on returns and run forward.
  • Defense, bend is fine, break is not.

The Prediction

I have the feeling that this one will be close, but that it won’t come down to a last second kick. I feel like the Gators will play a very good game, despite their struggles this year and that FSU’s defense will break enough for the Gators to capitalize on a couple of big plays. The key for the Noles is to keep moving the ball on offense and grind the clock. When the Noles control the time of possession, they win a lot of games. Christian Ponder doesn’t need to be spectacular, just solid, if FSU can run the ball. Either way, Jimbo Fisher will take what the Gators give him and attack what is perceived to be their weak point. It comes down to which team executes the best, and if anything Florida hasn’t proved to me that they can adjust on offense against average to good defenses. The old saying goes, “If you have 2 QBs you don’t have any.” If that’s true, then the Gators are at -1 with the Three-Headed Monster.

Noles… BE LOUD tomorrow and root FSU on to victory on SENIOR DAY. The streak ends tomorrow!

Noles 31 Gators 30


2 Responses to “Gut Reaction Prediction Florida Gators vs Florida State Seminoles”
  1. AJNo Gravatar says:

    Since I am unable to get to Doak today please cheer loud for me. I will be cheering in the man cave with my Gator neighbor. As you mentioned not a must win for the Noles , but for me it is. If they lose I have to put a eight foot tall gator in my yard for a week. If they win my neighbor has to hang the Seminole flag on his porch for a week. With that said here is my pick. Noles play a flat first quarter and UF goes up two scores. But the next three quarters belong to the Noles. Reid opens the second quarter with a huge punt return td and the Noles don’t look back score 28 unanswered points and win big. 34-17, and with about two minutes to play it’s posted on the big board Maryland 27 NC State 21. Here’s to all the seniors and me finding a room in Charlotte next week.

  2. Josh StoneNo Gravatar says:

    Well, you got the Noles score correct. You just over shot the Gators score, just a little bit! ha ha! That’s the best FSU has played all season. I truly believe we match up better with Va Tech than the Wolfpac did. If the Noles show up and play like they did against Florida, We will be celebrating a 16th ACC title