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Gut Reaction Prediction FSU vs Maryland Terrapins


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Let’s get to it:

Maryland Terrapins

  • I do not like Ralph Friedgen. ┬áDidn’t like him at GT either.
  • I don’t like the Terrapins mascot which doesn’t look like a turtle, but more like a cockroach.
  • ESPN’s ACC reporter, Heather Dinich, is a huge Terps homer.
  • The Terps wear some seriously ugly Under Armour jerseys.
  • I really don’t like teams that put their nickname on their helmet. Terps, Gators… stupid. Just put a logo or your school letters up there instead.

None of that has anything to do with talent or whether they can beat the Noles. I just needed to get that off of my chest.

  • Maryland is better than expect this season and controls their own destiny in the ACC Atlantic Division. Win out against FSU and N.C. State and they go to the ACC Championship Game.
  • The “Win One For The Gipper” mentality is likely gone, with Ralph Friedgen announcing he will coach the team in 2011 and not retire as was previously expected.
  • Maryland’s wins are not overly impressive. They’ve lost to West Virginia, Miami and Clemson but beat a pretty good Navy squad to start the season. Don’t underestimate them, they are not nearly as bad as predicted and they are closer to B.C.’s level than Wake Forest’s abysmal level.

Florida State Seminoles

  • The defense needs to limit Maryland’s scoring opportunities (Duh!) in order for the Noles offense to be on the field scoring point. Basically, it needs to do the opposite of what happened last week in the 1st half against Clemson.
  • The Noles offense will be without Jermaine Thomas, but has capable runners behind him with Chris Thompson and Ty Jones. The running game should not suffer due to the injury.
  • Henry Orelus is starting at guard. This is good news and should help the struggling offensive line.
  • Special Teams need to continue to play well, and by well I mean make your kicks, place your punts and Greg Reid run FORWARD or fair catch it.
  • Everything that FSU needs to do to win is realistic and very doable. The Noles should win this game. They’ll know heading into it whether North Carolina helped out the Noles’ chances for the ACC Championship Game after hindering them nearly two weeks ago.


I’ve felt like the last two games were going to be very close the last two weeks and come down to kicks. I look at the Maryland match up from afar and it screams TRAP GAME. It screams let down for FSU. But, my gut is saying that the Noles get by this one with breathing room to spare on Saturday night.

Noles 38 Terps 17


One Response to “Gut Reaction Prediction FSU vs Maryland Terrapins”
  1. LuvunolesNo Gravatar says:

    I like your thinking on this game.
    I will refrain from predicting; since I have been off all season, except for the Miami game, where my feelings about winning were very strong.

    What’s with the Head Coaches and their inability to make a career decision with authority?
    Sounds like Friedgen pulled a combo Bowden/Meyer announcement. Lets call it a “Bowmer”!

    Some Head Coaches around these days seem to be acting like they are entitled to the job regardless of performance! Mack Brown, University of Texas, is an exception. He seems to get it! Coach Brown has said that the failure of the team sits squarely on his shoulders and that some heads must roll after the season. Refreshingly direct, from a previously winning Head Coach!

    Go Noles!