Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Deliriously Random and Ecstatically Meaningless Thoughts


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1. So, can I assume no one needs any cheering up today? Anyone? Anyone at all? There is no one that needs cheering up today? No waiting. Seriously, no waiting at all. Just let me know.

2. Monk Bonasorte on the pre-game radio show: “I hope it doesn’t come down to a kick at the end of the game.” Why? Why not?? A 55 yard field goal? Piece of cake. With our kicking history, was there ever a doubt in any FSU fan’s mind? It’s not like we miss game winning field goals very often at all now is it.

3. Asked an exhausted Mrs. BFT from a long last several days of work who just could not make it through the game and was awoken by this wild one person celebration going on (assuming that can be done), “Did we kick the extra point to win the game?” Yes dear, we always line up at the 45 yard line to kick PATs. It’s muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch more exciting that way.

4. Said Jimbo Fisher asked just prior to kickoff about his team following “two crushing losses”, “They’re ready to play football.” And of course as we all know playing football includes holding calls, being offsides, not covering RBs out of the backfield, giving up 10 yards at a clip, etc. Somehow I’m guessing that is NOT what Jimbo meant by playing football on Clemson’s first drive of the game.

5. Now North Carolina QB TJ Yates throws four interceptions and a paltry 196 yards. He couldn’t have done that last week???? He must have had a tired arm. Yeah, that’s it.

6. Just checking again ….. no one needs any consoling?

7. One BIG plus about the, shall we say anemic, FSU offense in the first half. At least it didn’t take long to add up the stats.

8. I don’t know about the rest of you, but following the third play of the third quarter 42 yard completion from EJ Manuel to Rodney Smith where the only other successful play was the 52 yarder to Smith on FSU’s first play of the first half, I’m thinking let’s just run the fly pattern to Smith every play for the rest of the game. Surely, Clemson’s defense would not be expecting that right? And Rodney is young. There would be no issues running about 30 fly patterns would there?

9. And speaking of play calling, we now know what the hand signal from Jimbo means, the rather interesting signal with his hand under his chin fluttering his fingers almost Three Stooges like, we have that one deciphered. It apparently means to have one of the WRs drop the pass that is right into his hands. I think we should retire that play. Permanently.

10. From Gene Deckerhoff following Clemson’s second offensive possession: “Florida State’s defense thwarts another Clemson drive.” Again I reiterate that was Clemson’s SECOND drive of the game.

Bonus Deliriously Random and Ecstatically Meaningless Thoughts

11. Really, if anyone at all needs some cheering up following another last second FSU disappointment. Oh wait ….. that didn’t happen!!!!!!!

12. From Deckerhoff prior to a 32 yard pass from Kyle Parker to Tavares Barnes (that would be a wiiiiiiiiiide open Tavares Barnes BTW): “Everyone in the house knows Parker is going to throw the ball.” Well, almost everyone that is.

13. It seems Penn State prior to their game with Ohio State was not necessarily pleased with the point spread assigned to the game (OSU was 2.5 TD favs). I’m not positive, but maybe if the Lions paid a little more attention to winning the game rather being concerned with what some bookmakers say. Of course as we saw the bookies were wrong. They should have picked the Buckeyes by three touchdowns.

14. In watching the Miami and Georgia Tech game, you know, the Yellow Jackets have some very attractive cheerleaders (we are of course referring to the ones of the female variety) that come out to lead the team onto the field. Mrs. BFT tells me they ride on a car. I missed the car.

15. One last time, anyone out there in need of shoulder to cry on? What’s that? Who? The gatros (their …) aka crocs of XXVI do? Sorry, I have to go now.

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