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FSU vs Clemson Tigers Quick Prediction


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I’m not here to waste your time, so let’s get to it:


  • I do not expect this game to be well attended. Based on remaining tickets through and the amount of tickets on the secondary market sites that are offered for face value, I believe a lot of disappointed Noles are staying home in favor of the Florida game in two weeks.
  • My guess for actual butts in the seats is less the 65,000. I hope that I’m wrong.

Clemson Tigers

  • I’ll admit it, I sort of like Clemson. Why? Maybe it’s because of Chili and Willy Mac going way back in the blogging world with me or maybe it’s because I like their little run down the hill like a bunch of excited 6th graders tradition all while touching some other guy’s rock. Either way, it’s easy for me to see the good at Clemson a lot of times versus the ease of seeing the negatives in other teams.
  • Clemson’s exciting running back, Andre Ellington should be out. That’s bad news for the Tigers and great news for the Noles.
  • Kyle Parker is sometimes great, sometimes bad. Clemson’s success depends on how well he can move the offense against FSU’s struggling defense.
  • Clemson’s defense hits hard and is very good. It’s an elite defense which might spell trouble for FSU, especially if Ponder is out and it takes a few series before E.J. Manuel gets going.

Florida State Seminoles

  • I’m not one for clichés, but if there is one in 2010 this is it. The Noles are limping, losing their last two and sitting at 6-3. Their original goals are still attainable, but they MUST beat Clemson. A loss to Clemson quite possible spells a 1-2 record over the next three games and a 7-5 overall record after a 6-1 start. The Jimbotron might implode if that happens.
  • What’s Christian Ponder’s status? Does it matter? Jimbo Fisher is doing his best Bill Bellichick impression by not giving out too much information about Ponder’s injury. In my opinion, FSU won’t lose too much with a healthy E.J. Manuel in there instead of a hurt Ponder.
  • Run the ball. I know that there are injuries to the offensive line, but for crying out loud put a helmet on someone and run block. The Noles were running wild at the beginning of the season and if they can do it now it will greatly benefit the team, especially the defense. Run the ball, shorten the game and keep the defense off of the field. That’s an easy way to keep Clemson from scoring.
  • Greg Reid. Less swag, more plays. K thx.


  • It’s fun talking to Clemson fans, because they seem to have the same sick feeling in the pit of their stomachs as I do for the Noles about this game. In my pick’em league this game was one of the tie breaks and I picked it 3-0 because I have no clue this weekend. It could low scoring, high scoring or anywhere in between. But, I feel like no matter what the total score is the game will be close.
  • I expect the atmosphere at Doak Campbell Stadium to be lackluster, much like it’s been all season and I expect a fair amount of Orange in the stands. Oddly enough that helps FSU’s program by selling tickets, but it won’t make for a giant home field advantage.
  • It’s going to be seasonably cool on Saturday night, with game temperatures falling throughout the game from the upper 50s to the low 50s and possibly upper 40s. Wear appropriate clothing.


I feel like this is going to be another close one and we just have to hope that the Noles come out on the right side of the score. Clemson’s defense is for real, but their offense is mostly mediocre, especially with Ellington. The Noles’ offense should be fine, but will the defense make Kyle Parker look like an aerial superstar?

Noles 27 Tigers 24


2 Responses to “FSU vs Clemson Tigers Quick Prediction”
  1. OwlguinNo Gravatar says:

    I really hope the crowd isn’t that small. That would be pretty bad.

  2. DrewJJonesNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t feel good about this one. If Clemson’s offense has a good day, I think we’re done. If we can’t establish the run, I think we’re done. I tend to agree that it’s a close game, but I can imagine it getting ugly in Clemson’s favor a lot easier than in our favor.