Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

What’s Keeping You Away From Doak?


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I’ve put up a new Scalpoll (to the top right of the page) and I’m curious, What’s Keeping You Away From Doak? Please vote (you can pick multiple answers) and feel free to comment below. I’m curious what the factors are for the readers that aren’t going to games.


23 Responses to “What’s Keeping You Away From Doak?”
  1. Jonathan LoescheNo Gravatar says:

    Economy more than anything right now. If/When I can afford season tickets for both the Jags and Noles, I plan on it.

    Right now, had to make a choice and it’s not like a lack of ticket sales could force the Noles to move to LA

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      Excellent point Jon. Your situation is something I hadn’t thought about, especially with Jags fans that might hold tix to both teams.

  2. NYNoleNo Gravatar says:

    NY to Tallahassee is a full weekend commitment and right now i can’t do it. not that I am planning a visit to every home game, but i have been returning to Doak pretty consecutively for one game since ’95 thru ’06. Was planning on coming down for BC this year, but last minute it fell through. In my younger days we drove…ugh talk about road trip!!!
    I am not questioning anyone’s support of the Noles, but when I have read in other posts that Orlando to Tallahassee was a ar drive, I kinda pretended i didn’t read that.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      Haha… I agree that Orlando to Tallahassee isn’t a bad drive. I think the problem with it is that with the economy and start times, it’s been very tough to avoid an overnight stay in Tallahassee. That’s an extra cost that I’m guessing a lot of people can’t afford right now.

  3. NCNoleNo Gravatar says:

    Currently live in North Carolina and the drve is to far, try to catch the Noles when they play up here althought Thursday nights don’t work for the family.

  4. DrewJJonesNo Gravatar says:

    Cam Newton won’t let me go.

  5. Josh StoneNo Gravatar says:

    I live in Chattanooga Tennessee. I have made the drive to Tallahassee 4 times and always arrive on Friday evening and leave on Sunday afternoon. It’s hard to spend a weekend like this when the economy is bad and gas prices, hotel rates, and tickets are so expensive. However, I must say that I’m planning on coming back to Tally for either the NC St or Miami game next season. And I’m planning to stay the weekend.

  6. OwlguinNo Gravatar says:

    My wife is an alum and my son attends FSU. Our drive is 6 1/2 hours one way with a minimum of two nights. We made it to two (hot) noon games. I love going to the games, and I love visiting my son, and I can manage the drive and the heat, and I also think the ticket prices are competitive, but someone forgot to tell the hotels in Tallahassee that there is a recession. If we don’t plan WAY ahead, the remaining hotels (usually one or two stars) are charging outrageous prices. The prices are terrible even if you do plan ahead. While my wife and I still have great jobs, we just can’t afford to be spending $700 for six weekends a year. My wife wanted to come up for the Florida game, but there is no way, it would cost us a fortune. I might suggest that the seat prices in the upper bowl above the Chiefs be dropped for several games. Those seats are empty for many games anyway.

    • LuvunolesNo Gravatar says:

      Boy, can I relate to your experience!

      When my son was attending FSU, my husband and I drove 61/2 hours each way for games, and to visit our son. We too were working back then, so the expense was less painful. Each year we attended more games and spent more money finally, buying season tickets and becoming boosters. The 13 hours (weekend commute) continued for many years after our son’s graduation, because he settled in Tallahassee. We did the same for some baseball games too!

      We even traveled to Tallahassee on a Saturday morning following a hurricane moving through Naples, and then left Sunday morning! Fans in the stands couldn’t believe we would do that!
      We notified the motel/hotel Friday morning so that they would not give away our room and the chain charged us the same 2 day minimum without a blink of an eye!

      I remember the cost of staying in Tallahassee, was hiked when we played Florida at home every other year. The last time we had the experience of staying in a popular chain Florida/FSU weekend, there was a hole in the wall, black stained curtains which were above a filthy A/C-heating unit , the phantom flusher in the bathroom, and we paid $50 more a day, with the three day minimum, for those disgusting accommodations! We reserved months in advance!

      It helps both financially, psychologically and our personal health, since we now live in Tallahassee! Today, my husband and I are retired, and the tanking of the economy keeps us questioning the expense of season tickets when HD, your own bathroom, and ability to cook and eat cheaply during the game is on our budgetary minds!

      Something has to be said about the Boosters, moving of seats without season ticket holders being informed, and their lack of full disclosure about their spending year to year!

      By the way, I am sure you would agree, that spending time with our children is absolutely priceless, no matter the distance!

      • Luvunoles, regarding the hotel accommodations, that is sad. I really hope that even if the hotels don’t read this site, then perhaps the University does and could maybe put a little pressure on local businesses. ScalpEm has been around long enough, I would think the athletic department knows their existence and gives weight to their writings and findings.

  7. I plan for one trip for football and one trip for basketball each year. This weekend as matter of fact is my annual pilgrimage.
    Why I don’t drive from Tampa to Tallahassee more often:
    cost – tickets, gas, and two nights in a hotel can easily top 300 dollars.
    distance – It’s a 4.5 hour drive. That means getting there Friday night. That means either getting to Tallahassee near 10-11pm or taking a half day off work on Friday. Something the boss isn’t cool with.
    other interests – As blasphemous as it sounds, sometimes I would like to do something else on my weekends in the fall. Like maybe going to an Orlando Magic game, a Bucs game, or even a Rays playoff game. And those are just the sports interests.
    superstition – The Noles are 1-4 in the last five games I’ve been to. I try to jinx them with my presence as little as possible.

  8. NYC NoleNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve been back to the Doak every yr since graduating in 06. I currently live in NYC so the cost is pretty steep, but I set aside some funds to due it once a yr. This is my first yr I cannot make it due to scheduling conflicts. I think the major problem is the current students. The student sections are half full from at beginning of the game to mid first qtr, slowly funnel in around end of first qtr and by halftime they are empty again. Start times attribute to this but it makes for a bad scene on TV. I will also be making a trip to MD in a cpl wks which is about same distance b/w ORL and Tally.

  9. BenNo Gravatar says:

    As a single game ticket buyer, I get frustrated that I cannot choose what seats I want to sit in. The ticket office assigns me the tickets. I wish that I could select the seat that I would want in the single game area.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      I agree with you on that Ben. It makes no sense to me that they assume everyone wants to sit lower. I prefer to be between 40-65 myself, so I understand your frustration with that. Have you emailed them to ask why by any chance? Maybe it’s something they can change in the future.

  10. MokyNo Gravatar says:

    I live in Texas, so it’s difficult for me to make those games without taking time off from work. I typically attend 1 or 2 games a year, but for example, this year, I went to the OU game instead of picking one in Tallahassee.

  11. Don WyattNo Gravatar says:

    1. Motels – increased cost of rooms, double the normal rate. The cheap ones are so bad, they are unsafe. Check the websites of national chains with good reputations and check rates.
    2. Noon games in September -awful. Since the stadium is now a bowl, less breeze.
    3. Cost of travel, we travel 5 hours, from Birmingham, AL.
    4. To make it affordable, we stay in a motel 45 minutes outside of Tallahassee. We miss Friday nights in Tallahassee and it is a hard drive after a night game. We will attend the Clemson game and don’t expect to get back to our room until 1:30 AM. Long day including tailgating before the game.
    5. Seats – spacing of seats. Several years ago it was mentioned to the boosters that seats would be widened, go to other stadiums Alabama for example. You can actually walk down as aisle without bumping into other patrons. In Doak you knees are almost in the back of those seated in front of you. New venues have chair back seats and cup holders. Make it more comfortable for fans and supporters.
    6. Even now the Tallahassee Democrat wants to “charge” for web site access. Used to read the Democrat on line to keep up with the ‘Noles, and events in Tallahassee.
    Solution: FSU to start a “Preferred Provider Program” have local motels to sign a pledge, not to raise rates over their normal costs, not require a two day stay. Have the motels meet minimum standards of quality. A web site to notify Boosters of availability. Do something to make the seats more comfortable.
    We LOVE coming to Doak to watch the ‘Noles, but when you add up the points above and you could stay home and watch the games on big screen TV, the costs for Game Plan seem to be a good value.